Growth is About Achieving and Maintaining Health

Growth is About Achieving

There will always be growing pains, many of them are the price we pay to move forward. The difficulty comes when we do not prepare for the growing pains or we assume every pain is a growing pain. The only thing worse is having no growing pains at all.

Preparing for the future must be addressed by reviewing how things work so you are able to set boundaries and expectations.

Discord must be addressed by restoring peace so that biblical love is the mark of your church inside and in the community.

Stagnancy must be addressed by reimagining what you do so you can bring the unchanging message to a changing world.

It may be that a ministry needs a fresh perspective or the whole church is in need of a new vision.

It may be that everything appears to be running perfectly or there is infighting and dysfunction.

It may be that your policies and procedures handcuff ministry or there are no guidelines at all.

Having someone from the outside with experience in various areas of ministry and a variety of styles of faith expression can help keep the church healthy or restore the church to health. The church is the body of Christ and like every body it needs attention when it is well and when it has health issues.

History cannot be changed but our view of it can. The future is unknown but how we prepare for the future isn’t. The collective of Christ followers must seek to understand God’s plan for them without interference from unaddressed past issues and unsupported future dreams.


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