What Happened to My Life?

It’s January 1, 2018. I sit in my rocking chair in front of the fireplace, rocking my youngest grandchild. There is no grey in my hair and very little in my beard although the beard and Just For Men® have been introduced. I have been blessed with very few wrinkles but that could change, I am only fifty. Still, there’s something about sitting in a rocking chair, grandchild on your lap in front of the fireplace that makes one feel like reflecting on the past as if to say, “I have lived a long life.” (more…)

The Most Popular Letter in the Alphabet

It’s almost the end of the year which means it’s time for top ten list after top ten list. Popularity or notoriety often dictates who or what makes the list. In our fast-paced society who/what topped the lists of 2016 probably won’t make the top twenty of 2017. Still, there is one list that stays the same. Every time a list is made for the top letters used in the English language, one letter always comes out on top. (more…)

12/12/12 12:12

It was considered a special day by many, a day of good luck because for the first time in one hundred years of Decembers, the month, date and year were all the same. I am not a believer in good luck or bad luck for that matter, however, this twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of the twenty first century at approximately twelve minutes after twelve noon, I had what the world would call bad luck. (more…)