Stop Stealing My Glory

I made a promise to tell you about the times God spoke to me in an audible voice, an experience that is both peaceful and somewhat unsettling at the same time. This is the third and final in this series all though that could change someday if God so chooses. Previous posts: Do Not Make Me Tell You Twice and Look Back to Look Forward. (more…)

Is There Absolute Truth?

This is the question that keeps theologians and apologists employed.  This is also the one question you never ask unless you want to spend the next few hours being lectured. Books have been written, courses taught, seminars and sermon series presented and debates fought all around this one question, is there absolute truth? The answer is yes but it may not be the truth you embrace. (more…)


I try not to get jealous over anything, especially the small stuff. I try not to envy or become angry over another person’s good fortune or success. I try to keep in my own lane, looking straight ahead at where I am going rather than at the people around me, but sometimes I end up looking. Sometimes I end up wishing that I had an opportunity to live their life for a while. (more…)