I am a Survivor

In my last blog I posted 7 different things about me that you may not know, but there’s more! You don’t live 50 years and only have 7 things to tell people about yourself. One that seemed a little too serious for the previous post is, I have survived two attempts on my life. Not only did I survive, but I escaped serious injury. (more…)

Do Not Make Me Tell You Twice

I may have just proved time travel possible. There are certain phrases that cause what can only be called memory whiplash. Suddenly, and without warning, you are transported back in time to your childhood. Do not make me tell you twice, stop crying or I will give you something to cry about, if you keep doing that your face will stay that way, and many more go-to parenting phrases bring back fond memories of a time when things were simpler and your parents could make good on their threat to pull the car over. (more…)