A Forced Time of Pause


The Opportunity When a Church is Between Pastors

Transition creates a forced time of pause. It is not only a time of healing but also a time to take a second look at how the church operates. During this time a comprehensive review of administrative procedures, operational guidelines, policies, programs and leadership structure along with the institutional approaches to Sunday morning gatherings, discipleship, prayer, outreach and meeting the needs of fellow Christ followers attending the church must take place.

Through this process all aspects of why we do what we do and why we do it that way can be questioned, affirmed, adjusted or completely changed. This type of review should take place regularly but is often overlooked or lacks the depth needed to truly understand God’s calling and the church’s response to that calling. A time of transition is a great opportunity to use this process to ensure that the future leadership and pastor of the church is handed a healthy, functional church.

Moving Forward

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