Event Speaker

I love painting pictures, on the other hand I am not good at painting pictures, at least not on canvas. I am artistic but I do not excel with a paintbrush or a pencil. This doesn’t stop me from creating images or sketching out ideas, it just requires me to use a different medium.

For me to make a concept understandable; to put it in terms that are not only easy to comprehend but also easy to incorporate into daily life, is to paint a picture, to sketch out an idea in such a way that people are moved.

For over twenty years I have had the honour of presenting God’s word in varying settings from Sunday church to youth retreats, from family camps to children’s events, from praise and worship concerts to short messages after dramatic presentations.

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To be used by God to paint pictures and sketch out ideas so that lives are changed is humbling and exciting, there nothing I would rather do although worship leading is a close second. Doing both at the same service, I jump at that every chance I get!

My background is theatre and for many years I wrote, directed and acted in Christian presentations, led worship and, when there was time, preached. I would never say that I play a character when I preach nor would I say that I script my sermons the way I write a play, but there are skills from theatre that have made me a better speaker. Over time I have done considerably less acting and yet I spend more time on stage than ever before.

If I can take a story and make it real, if I can take a character and make them three-dimensional, if I can take a concept and make it applicable in someone’s life then I have made the Bible come alive to the listener. If I can present the truth with passion while engaging the attendee and holding their attention I have created an opportunity for obedient response during the time we have spent together.

I love using a combination of:


Personal Anecdotes

Modern Parables

Dramatic Storytelling

Real Life Application

Challenging Messages

Theatrical talents, storytelling, public speaking and platform presence are an important part of being a public speaker but they, on their own, are not enough. It is and has always been my desire to be an instrument that speaks the words the Holy Spirit has given me.

A great presentation is important but without the Holy Spirit all you have is a person’s talents and powers of persuasion which may influence people for the moment but it will have no lasting effect.

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