What’s in a Name?

I have a name, you have a name. Alive or inanimate; everything and everyone has a name. Our name most likely fits who we are, not because it was the perfect choice when those who named us assigned it but because over time those who get to know us can’t help connecting who we are and what we look like with it. What’s in a name? Nothing until that name is attached to someone or something. (more…)

Satan Sized Hole in My Theology

We all want to believe that our theology is sound. There is no better way to start an argument with a follower of Christ than to insinuate that their understanding of how God works is flawed. Even for those who humbly accept that they will never fully understand God this side of eternity, the thought of a hole in their theology on sin, especially one that can allow Satan to interfere with their faith could start a fight. (more…)

A Little Understanding – The Floor Plan (part 3)

A Little Understanding – Stuck in the Entryway

If something affects the individual Christ follower, it almost always affects the collective of Christ followers. The blur of needs, wants and extras have made it difficult for churches to encourage maturing. With the world’s way of operating just outside the entryway and Satan selling his snake oil fixes, the church has become more focused on talents and hard work than on God and His call. (more…)