A Little Understanding – The Foundation Walls (part 2)

A Little Understanding – The Foundation Holds Us Up        

In my previous post A Little Understanding – The Foundation Walls I used my limited understanding of foundation engineering to explain that its purpose was twofold. The foundation in our walk with Christ and the foundation of the church also has the same two purposes.  (more…)

A Little Understanding – The Foundation Walls

The deep dark basement. A place for storage and the heating system.  There could be a workshop or a cold cellar. Maybe there is just a lot of spiders and mice. For some it is only a crawl space, lots of room for stuff if only you could avoid head trauma every time you tried to retrieve your empty suitcases or boxes of Christmas decorations. Others can’t understand the negative comments. Their pool table and guest bedroom along with a home theatre room that would rival the local cinema and a hot tub and steam room that look like they are from a five star hotel brochure, cover the once boring underground cement cavern. (more…)

Stop Volunteering!

There isn’t a pastor or church leader out there that has read this title and hasn’t thought to themselves, “how can we stop people at our church from reading this post?” Short of crashing the internet or stealing your fellow Christ follower’s internet enabled devices you can’t guarantee that people won’t come across this post. If you are willing to continue reading you may even find yourself encouraging them to do so. (more…)