There is Something Going On

I’m not sure what’s happening but I am sure that something’s going on. It may not be visible to the naked eye or for that matter under a microscope or through a telescope but something is happening. My mind cannot fathom it nor can my body feel it, I can’t smell it or hear it but something is happening. The outcome remains unknown and the path unrevealed but I cannot give up because God is doing something. (more…)

What Happened to My Faith?

I miss the simplicity of the beginning of my journey as a follower of Christ. The innocence and joy of knowing that I was loved and forgiven. It was not complicated. I did not rely on anything more than the cross to define my salvation and the Bible to guide my course. Those days are gone, my simple faith replaced by a pursuit of more knowledge and a desire to defend what once required no defence and explain what once was unexplainable. (more…)

Yep I Said That!

As someone who speaks publicly I am very aware that I am always close to a slip up. I think I should start every sermon with the following disclaimer:

The words of the speaker do not necessarily reflect the original words planned by the speaker nor do they imply that the speaker is under the influence of a mind altering drug or that the water bottle he is drinking from contains any form of intoxicating beverage. (more…)

A Little Understanding – Above Ground (Part 2)

The main character trait of a Christ follower/collective of Christ followers that is tied into God and His love through prayer, is their focus on hearing God’s voice instead of telling Him what to say or do. The faith they possess is not a way to get God to give them what they want but instead it’s the basis for trusting Him for everything they need… (more…)