Looking In From The Outside

Looking In From The Outside

The biggest advantages that a Church Consultant brings is a fresh set of eyes and outside experience.

I have worked with numerus denominations and pastors in a wide variety of ministries including transitional, pastoral, administrative, youth, children’s, young adult, urban outreach, worship and drama.

I have encountered pastors at the end of their ministries, pastors underprepared for their role, pastors underqualified or uninterested in fulfilling their role, boards that didn’t understand their function and churches that lacked or had outdated policies or procedures.

In the middle of it all it’s hard to see the big picture.

An experienced outside set of eyes can help your church discover and define areas of existing as well as potential conflict and address them in ways that often are not recognized by those in the middle of it all.

Churches need to take regular planned pauses to review how they operate, how the staff and leadership interact, the policies that are in place and their effectiveness, the need for additional policies, the quality and inclusiveness of their programing, its ability to interact with the community and much more to maintain health.

Churches need to assess the causes of friction in the leadership, staff, planning meetings, volunteer groups etc. at the first signs of dysfunction to ensure they continue being healthy.

Churches need to address outright dysfunction in the way they operate and the way people interact and communicate by getting to the root of the problem so that they can become healthy once again.

It sounds simple but it is not, that’s where an experienced Church Consultant can make all the difference.

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