Yes and No

Yes or No

Church growth is about working on what already exists to create an environment that encourages spiritual growth as well as numerical growth all while creating a system to support those who are attending, will attend and those who the church is reaching out to in the community.

Church growth is not based on creating the most enticing programs and presentations, that’s called marketing. There is a misconception that if you build it they will come. It is true that if you build all the right enticements and advertise in all the right places you will see attendance increase or at least you should, but is that the way we make disciples or is it just a way to put butts in the seats?

From the church board to the children’s church, from worship to prayer meeting, from small groups to youth, from attendee fellowship events to outreach programs, from personal devotions to one on one evangelism, the church must be able to function efficiently and effectively as it lives out God’s plan. That’s where I fit in.

Deal With it Sonner Rather Than Later

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