Blueprint Questions Chapter 3 – 4

  1. Have you ever purchased/been given something that appeared to be perfect on the outside but turned out to be flawed (explain)?
  1. Have you ever been surprised by the actions of someone (family or friend, public figure, celebrity or athlete) that you thought was a great person but later found out they were not who they appeared to be?
  1. What attracted you to our church?

As you have continued to attend, what have you noticed that is considerably different than your first impressions?

  1. Review the “How-to Market Your Faith Book” section on Pg49. Have you been caught up in marketing a more attractive version of following Christ (explain)?

Has “marketing” your faith caught up with you or someone you know resulting in the need for more clarity about the true nature of answering the call to follow Christ (explain)?

  1. Are you complacent or bored in your faith? Why?
  1. Has your faith journey caused you to wonder if there is more than what you currently define as following Christ? If no, now that you have contemplated this question, what areas do you want to better understand as you continue to grow in your faith?
  1. If church was once again closed or like our brothers and sisters in other countries, banned, do you have personal practices that will help you continue to grow?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, please show me how the glitz and glamour parts of my faith have caused me to see other areas as dull and boring.

Holy Spirit, give me a hunger for a better understanding of God and show me where I am lacking in my pursuit of understanding more of God.

Jesus, Teach me to rely less on what I know/think I know.