I Am a Bastard Child

I am a bastard child, I am not the result of a plan or the answer to a prayer but rather the undesired consequence of an action that led to the creation of a new life.

I am a bastard child, the unwanted result of passion not contained, one drink too many, a failure of preventative measures or an easy to manipulate unsure participant, whatever it was, nothing stopped them. (more…)

You Are Not Sorry Enough!

If someone tells you that you are not sorry enough, I assume your response would be similar to mine. Your face would turn red, your fingernails would dig into your palms as you made a fist and, depending on your level of self-control, the words “how dare you judge how sorry I am” would either blast from your lips or leak around your clenched teeth. No time to think, no time to reflect, no time to discuss, just enough time to defend your assertion that you are sorry with the added qualifier, “take it or leave it.” (more…)

The Word of God in the Hands of Man

It turns out that misquoting, misapplying or misusing scripture is not all that uncommon. To help you avoid this error I have created this post. While this post does not cover all verses that may be misquoted, misapplied or misused and all situations in which you may end up misquoting, misapplying or misusing scripture, it hopefully will make you think twice before you speak. (more…)

Yep I Said That!

As someone who speaks publicly I am very aware that I am always close to a slip up. I think I should start every sermon with the following disclaimer:

The words of the speaker do not necessarily reflect the original words planned by the speaker nor do they imply that the speaker is under the influence of a mind altering drug or that the water bottle he is drinking from contains any form of intoxicating beverage. (more…)

All Alone in a Room Full of People

How does this happen? How can anyone feel alone when there are so many people around? It would be easy to assume smartphones and social media are to blame. If it is not the advancements in technology causing this feeling of isolation then maybe it’s a socially awkward introverted personality that just can’t negotiate the difficulties of large gatherings. If it is not technology or personality traits that get in the way, maybe there is some kind of mental illness that creates the feeling of being alone even when surrounded by others. If it isn’t any of these reasons it could simply be the result of being a pastor. (more…)