All Alone in a Room Full of People

How does this happen? How can anyone feel alone when there are so many people around? It would be easy to assume smartphones and social media are to blame. If it is not the advancements in technology causing this feeling of isolation then maybe it’s a socially awkward introverted personality that just can’t negotiate the difficulties of large gatherings. If it is not technology or personality traits that get in the way, maybe there is some kind of mental illness that creates the feeling of being alone even when surrounded by others. If it isn’t any of these reasons it could simply be the result of being a pastor. (more…)

Erode or Redefine

The power of water is terrifying, the results devastating to anyone or anything that gets in its way. Propelled by the wind or the gravitational pull of the moon or the earth, water moves with force as it is whipped up, pulled along or dropped from a cliff. Even the slow romantic water of a creek or the soft rain on a hot summer’s day slowly erodes what was and redefines what will be. (more…)

Never Saw That Coming

A twist to the plot, an unexpected demand, a plan that doesn’t work, an action that produces an undesired result; I never saw that coming. Without these deviations from the expected course, books would be boring, work would be predictable, strategists would be out of a job and home video TV shows and internet video posts would be the last thing people watched. (more…)

A Little Understanding – The Foundation Walls (Part 3)

A Little Understanding – Love Inwards

Loving upwards (God), loving outwards (non-Christ followers)… is something that can be more about appearance and less about truly loving with all we are. When it comes to fellow Christ followers we may not even extend the courtesy of appearing to be loving. (more…)

Have You Lost Your Marbles?

Maybe “lost” is not quite the word. Have you used up all your marbles may be more fitting. There is an old joke told in a format I call observational humour that goes something like this: in your first year of marriage, place a marble in a jar every time you are intimate. After the first year, remove a marble from the same jar every time you are intimate. The jar will never be empty. (more…)