Do Not Make Me Tell You Twice

I may have just proved time travel possible. There are certain phrases that cause what can only be called memory whiplash. Suddenly, and without warning, you are transported back in time to your childhood. Do not make me tell you twice, stop crying or I will give you something to cry about, if you keep doing that your face will stay that way, and many more go-to parenting phrases bring back fond memories of a time when things were simpler and your parents could make good on their threat to pull the car over. (more…)

Do We Really Know What to Celebrate?

In a few months my wife and I will celebrate 5 happy years of marriage. I’m not sure how that ranks with the rest of the world but I figure 5 happy years out of 29 years of marriage isn’t bad. A few days here, a couple of weeks there, one or two hours here, a few minutes there.  If you think I am joking you would be mistaken, we have been married for 29 years! (more…)

Scars, Scabs and Open Wounds

With Facebook asking me every time I login “what’s on your mind?” I do believe I am obligated to oblige. It’s time to tell the world about the struggles I have, the lunch I ate, the sins I commit, my mental and physical health issues, and of course the latest person to offend me along with frequent updates as to my location. (more…)