The Story I Am Not Supposed To Tell

It was primary school and there were bullies. Bullies exist everywhere in life but they seem to do their worst damage when kids are developing a sense of who they are in the world outside of the relative safety of their home. Bullies will look for anything that will belittle the other person. It may be because they are small or skinny, fat or wear glasses. It may be because their parents are nerdy or have the nerve to publically hug them goodbye. It may be because the child is slow due to a disability or not athletic due to their physique. It may be because the child isn’t cool or doesn’t dress in all the latest fashions. It may be because the child isn’t the “right” skin colour or religion. Stuff is stolen, names are called and kids are beaten up because of things that are often out of their control.


COVID19 and Your Rights

In an active pandemic world we hear a lot about rights. At the foundation of any personal right is the assumption that being given that right is what best serves society and the individual. In other words you have the right because that right is what is right for the individual and all individuals as they live and interact with each other in society. I think that the vast majority of people define a “Christian country” as a society that allows freedoms, assigns rights only limiting them when the actions of a person will cause harm to another person. Constitutions were written and rights assigned under the belief that protecting people from being oppressed by the government or injured, displaced or otherwise interfered with by fellow citizens, must be preserved.


I Need My Faith Validated

Following Jesus isn’t easy. I guess there are those who would disagree, those who would look down on me for admitting that I struggle, but I do. When the world whispers in your ear, “This is what life should look like,” it is tough to embrace a totally different way of living. I don’t think I am alone when I say I look for people who are seen by the rest of the world as a big deal including social media influencers, pastors, political leaders, superstar musicians, athletes and actors that follow the same faith I do so that my faith in some way is validated.


I Asked So Many Times

Why God, why? I am not foolish enough to ask why me? The answer to why me is simple and painful, why not you? I have no super spiritual status that guarantees protection from illness and injury. I lack the required perfection that would exclude me from death and all its causes. I am not as much surprised that this could happen to me as I am caught off guard that it has happened to me. My journey seems to have lacked reason and my plight seems to be missing direction. The pain I have gone through has left me wondering, why God, why?

Gone Golfing

It is winter in Canada and even if it wasn’t you would not catch me on a golf course. Two weeks ago I said I was metaphorically going fishing (see Gone Fishing and I Am Still Fishing) to explain my break from blogging and this week I have metaphorically “gone golfing” so I can explain the latest. I know I said I was taking a break from blogging but I still would like to keep you updated as to new developments in my journey.