Oxford defines duality as: “An instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism.” To me duality or dualism can be explained through this example, if I point at my wife’s pregnant belly and exclaim, “I did that,” it’s wrong. If my wife, during labour, points at her belly and exclaims in a much more aggressive and angry tone, “you did this,” it’s not wrong. (more…)

Who or What is Your Bathsheba?

Application far exceeds context is a truth that is both empowering and overwhelming for any Christ follower who desires to dig deep and go beyond the logistics and historical context of the scriptures. It can be just as easy to write off a portion of scripture as only relevant to Bible time culture as it is to stretch it beyond the breaking point so that it fits the preconceived ideas we maintain are biblical truth. (more…)

Going Nowhere

A church that is going nowhere is one of the most painful things to watch. Forward motion had stopped a long time ago but no one noticed. There is always enough blame to go around. By this I don’t mean everyone has a part in the problem but instead everyone is blaming someone with the hope they themselves won’t get blamed. As numbers dwindle, the push to look outside for new attendees starts; but what type of church will they end up attending? (more…)