Church Life

Do You Attend a Successful Church?

The annual meeting is a yearly event (annual should have given it away) that is just as much a part of the church calendar as Christmas and Easter. Unlike Christmas and Easter, the focus is not on the arrival or sacrifice of the Messiah. In most cases it isn’t about Jesus at all. Often wrapped up in Christian metaphors like ministry, tithes and offerings, attendance, outreach and many more things that we consider our mandate, the annual meeting is really a cost benefit analysis of the previous year. Money brought in and money spent and the resulting outcome. (more…)

If Christians Have Hope then Why do I Feel Hopeless?

I hope that this blog on hope will bring hope to those who are without hope who are hoping beyond all hope that they will find hope. I often find language limited and the written word lacking when it comes to conveying ideas that involve emotion. I am in awe of wordsmiths that paint pictures through the beautiful meter of their sentences, through the perfect selection and placement of each word, and through metaphors and similes that elevate their work to a level far beyond the written musings of the average person. Still, I find when it comes to the concept of biblical hope the wordsmiths with all their literary skills and giftings can do little to convey its meaning. “Blogger Dave” will now attempt to do what many more experienced and skilled writers have failed to accomplish – explain biblical hope. (more…)