Church Life

When I grow up I want to be…

…dead! I know it sounds awful and even a bit morbid but it is true. I looked in the mirror after my last haircut and realized that God knowing the number of hairs on my head was getting easier. That being said my follicley challenged head is not my reason for this statement. I noticed recently when I lie down my bosoms fall into my armpits. This is disturbing on two levels. First, gravity is taking its toll as I age. Second, I am a man and until recently I didn’t have bosoms. Still this is not the reason I want to be dead when I grow up. (more…)

A Little Understanding – Above Ground

A Little Understanding – Bearing the Load

Those pesky engineers are always interfering with my plans. I want everything the way I want it. They want me to get their approval, follow their drawings, something about making sure the floors above the ground are tied into the basement which is in turn tied into the footings. It was so much easier to build the house on the sand. None of this tying stuff into other stuff. No time spent running plans by those who think everything is about point loads and transfer of weight. Just build it and move on… (more…)

Appears to Do Nothing at All

There are just some things you don’t forget. It’s not that they are important or offer words to live by but rather they are things that strike you as funny or odd. I was seventeen years old taking in-class driver training, not so much for the knowledge but more for the insurance discount. Because of this, I do not remember anything other than where the building was located and one test question: What does the button on the pole below the pedestrian crossing signal do? (more…)

Hold All My Calls

Hold all my calls sounds like dialog from a TV drama centered on the day to day grind of office life. The busy executive informs his assistant that he will be unavailable for a while because there is something so important that everything else must wait. One can only assume that any outside interruptions are not only unwanted but also are detrimental to the task at hand. Behind closed doors the talents that elevated the executive to his current position are put to work to ensure the best result possible is achieved. (more…)

All Alone in a Room Full of People

How does this happen? How can anyone feel alone when there are so many people around? It would be easy to assume smartphones and social media are to blame. If it is not the advancements in technology causing this feeling of isolation then maybe it’s a socially awkward introverted personality that just can’t negotiate the difficulties of large gatherings. If it is not technology or personality traits that get in the way, maybe there is some kind of mental illness that creates the feeling of being alone even when surrounded by others. If it isn’t any of these reasons it could simply be the result of being a pastor. (more…)

There is More to Prayer than the Answer

I sit and wait for God to let me in on His, up until now, secret plot for my life. I have heard it a thousand times or maybe only one hundred times, as a matter of fact I don’t know how many times I have heard it and I don’t know how many times I have preached it but I do know that yes, no or wait are the only possible answers to my requests. So I sit and wait with nothing to do but wait until wait becomes a yes or no or maybe a no not now becomes a wait a little longer or a yes for now becomes a no for later or a wait becomes a… (more…)