I Am__________

I Am Adam

For those who are getting a little worried about what appears to be a continuous identity crisis, please remain calm. I understand that some of my posts could lead people to believe that I suffer from some sort of multiple personality disorder after all I have said that I am Mary, Thomas, Samuel and Peter. Do not be alarmed, I am Dave, I always have been Dave and I always will be Dave. That being said, I am Adam.


I Am Peter

I am not really Peter, my name is Dave, Dave Peever which has led to people who did not hear properly or who were not paying attention to call me Peter. I assume it is the last name that causes the brain to fill in the name Peter but that doesn’t really matter. Even though I go by the name Dave Peever, for this post I am Peter.


I Am Thomas

This not my normal way of introducing myself. As I said in my blog post “I Am Mary” (click here), I have never introduced myself by saying, “I am Mary” and because it may come up after today’s post, I want to assure you that I have never introduced myself by saying, “I am Thomas” until today. To clear up any misunderstandings that may come from this introduction; my name is (more…)