Unnamed Source: Jesus To Be Replaced As Head Of Church

A spokesperson for the worldwide church would not confirm or deny that Jesus was being replaced but an individual close to the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on behalf of the worldwide church said: “The vote came out strongly in favour of retaining the name Jesus but removing both Him and those aligned with Him from positions of influence.”


Kanye and the King

I have not been surprised by recent events. The praise given to a famous person for joining “our side” doesn’t shock me. The fear that his new found faith is a publicity stunt or maybe just a stint soon to be replaced by the next thing he embraces is not new when it comes to celebrity transformations. The rush to say that because of his past he may not be what he says he is doesn’t shock me any more than the rush to ignore his past because of his latest confession of faith. God can transform a life and man can imitate a transformed life. Both are not only possible but have been part of human history from the moment a piece of fruit changed us from God reliant to self-seeking beings.


I Want It So Bad – Maybe Too Bad!

I have a deep desire to see people discover the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. I am driven to find new ways to present my faith as a viable alternative to life without the hope following Christ offers. I want to be relevant when I interact with others. I seek to enter their world so that they can understand mine. I pursue opportunities to communicate Jesus as the type of person others would want to follow. I want it so bad – maybe too bad.