Christian Life

What’s For Sale at Your Church?

They were the most difficult words anyone could hear as a pastor. They were the truth but they were also wrong. They were fundamental to his ability to do his job but they were also destructive to his ability to do his job in a Godly way. The easiest solution was to leave the church, but this would not address the issue, although it would make sure it wasn’t his problem. He could do as he was told, but this would be against his morals and would allow the existing problem to continue and maybe get worse. He could fight for what he believed to be right, but this could lead to the end of his job without the problem being addressed. The one thing that was clear, it could not be ignored.


Runway or Runaway?

I had hope. I had good reason for having hope. I had very little reason to doubt, well maybe there were a few red flags but I had enough reasons to ignore them. It was there in the distance and I was lined up for my landing. I was sure I heard the tower, a bit faint and there was some static but still I was sure it was time for me to leave my Holding Pattern (click for last week’s post) and land.


Holding Pattern

We have all found ourselves stuck in a holding pattern. For me it has been 2 ½ years of a holding pattern and I must say I am not far from running out of fuel! There have been a few midair refuelling opportunities but it has been a long time since I have landed anywhere. Things remain up in the air; no contact with the tower and no permission to land. I remain in a holding pattern, playing the waiting game, a game I always seem to lose even though I play it so well.