Christian Life

Right Side of History Wrong Side of Eternity

There is no question in my mind that Satan is an underestimated foe whose schemes disguise his plan to make God irrelevant. As any good illusionist knows the key to a successful magic trick is to get people focused on what you want them to see while you attend to what you don’t want them to see. Recently we have been addressing issues of inequality in our culture but Satan is sowing the seeds of division through the introduction of ideas, labels and phrases that illicit emotional and defensive responses. Words are launched like missiles in a retaliatory strike against those who are considered the enemy while the real enemy goes about his evil plan undetected.


The Story I Am Not Supposed To Tell

It was primary school and there were bullies. Bullies exist everywhere in life but they seem to do their worst damage when kids are developing a sense of who they are in the world outside of the relative safety of their home. Bullies will look for anything that will belittle the other person. It may be because they are small or skinny, fat or wear glasses. It may be because their parents are nerdy or have the nerve to publically hug them goodbye. It may be because the child is slow due to a disability or not athletic due to their physique. It may be because the child isn’t cool or doesn’t dress in all the latest fashions. It may be because the child isn’t the “right” skin colour or religion. Stuff is stolen, names are called and kids are beaten up because of things that are often out of their control.


A Little Understanding – Landscape and Décor (part 6)

I am the first to admit that church can be boring.

Sometimes suffering for the gospel and attending Sunday morning church services are almost indistinguishable. For a group of people who claim to have found the key to really living, both here and for eternity, you have to wonder if death is the better choice with the way they do church. The one thing they have going for them is, there is no way you could confuse them with those who are not Christ followers. They look nothing like the world, sadly they also have trouble reaching it.

Church in other places isn’t boring.