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It is the Best of Times, It is the Worst of Times

I’m new to this blogging thing so if I have crossed some line by stealing someone else’s line and adapting it so that it becomes my line, please forgive me. If I haven’t crossed any line then all I have to say is, “what a great title, so well written you would swear it was a classic.” Stolen, modified, and repurposed all to describe last Sunday. Known to the previous generation as, smile no matter how ugly the tie you are given Day, the rest of us know it by a much simpler name, Father’s Day. (more…)

What We Can Do When It Hurts

I had the privilege of being a guest blogger yesterday – thanks Anthony

The Recovering Legalist

UPDATE: The following post was NOT emailed to me by Donald N. Norris, but Dave Peever. Thankfully, this is the only mistake I have made today 😉

So, please check out Dave’s blog, Live 4 Him. I’m sure you will be blessed there, also.

Guest Post by:Dave Peever

I Have Nothing to Offer

It hurts and it should. It may be my hurt or it may be someone else’s hurt that I observe, but it hurts, and it should. Still, we try to avoid it or at least address it as quickly as possible and move on. Logic does not play into it or at least cannot be used to lessen the impact. The passage of time may help but when everything seems to be going by so slow, the future is not even in the mix of thought and emotion. We wish it never…

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