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Merry Christmas

Blessings to my brothers and sisters in Christ as you celebrate the birth of the only one that can be called the Way, the Truth and the Life.

I pray that you will experience His peace, hope, love and joy in the middle of this very busy time of year.

As you reflect and anticipate remember there was nothing last year that caught God off guard and there will be nothing this year that will shock Him.

Blueprint: for the Christ Follower and the Collective of Christ Followers Book Review

Sandy Kirby Quandt

Blueprint: for the Christ Follower and the Collective of Christ Followers by J. David Peever compares building a house structure to building a church community going from the ground up. Filled with thought-provoking questions, Dave asks the reader to look beyond outward facades to what lies beneath, starting with the footer, all the way through de-cluttering and knowing whether to repair or replace. He suggests Christ followers ask themselves, why do we do what we do and why do we do it that way?

Blueprint is not a how to have a perfect life, or church, in 10 easy steps type book. Nor is it a book to rush through. It is a book filled with serious questions for each of us to ask our self.

How solid is our foundation? Are the supports sturdy? Are the walls sound? Does it all tie back to God as the footing…

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I Am Very Disturbed

Now that I have your attention let me make it clear, I do not have bodies buried in my basement. I have not started to run naked through crowded shopping malls. I am not responsible for the disappearance of family pets in any neighborhood I have lived in or for that matter any neighborhood that I have walked, driven or cycled through. I have not gone on any long winded, irrational, disjointed rambling rants although I do preach so someone might disagree with this one. That being said I am still very disturbed…


Is The Trinity Really Biblical?

Deeeeeep, way too deep for someone of my educational limitations. I have received an education from the world’s classroom and an honorary degree from the school of accumulative and applied experiences. Don’t look them up on the internet or contact the government to see if these are accredited schools. They do not have a physical location or a system of accountability to make sure they are successfully preparing students for the real world and neither offer any formal theological training. With that being said I am still going to take a shot at answering the question, is the Trinity really biblical? Keep reading, you might be surprised at my answer.


Solving a Mystery

The basis of any good detective story is seeking to understand why. Digging deep into the past, sorting through the intricacies of the present and hypothesizing how the perpetrator hopes to influence the future are the foundations of any good Who Done It? Without these, all we have is a beginning and an end that lack depth and ultimately leave us unfulfilled. To know what happened and who did it is nothing without the why. But what if you were never told the why? What if you knew what happened, knew the history before it happened, knew who did it but never found out anything more than it was the right of that character to do it that way? So unsatisfying. So unfulfilling. So irritating.


Pulling The Plug

It is perhaps the hardest decision anyone will have to make. The negative implications of choosing any of the options loom large over those who are given the task of deciding what future if any lies ahead. Choose to let her live and she might still die. Choose to pull the plug and her death is on your hands. Still, something has to be done. She can’t go on like this. She can’t exist in a coma like state. The way she’s propped up by life support is not really living but it’s not death either.