Blueprint (my book)

A Little Understanding – The Floor Plan (part 1)

A Little Understanding – Blurred Needs, Wants and Extras

The floor plan of the Christ follower’s life and the life of the collective of Christ followers can be a blur of needs, wants and extras like the floor plan of a house. When designing a floor plan, the layout we choose is reflective of what we deem necessary. What really is necessary? The answer to this question will vary slightly from person to person but for the most part it will be the same… (more…)

A Little Understanding – Above Ground (Part 5)

A Little Understanding – The Flip-Flop

Why is it that we tend to flip-flop on who makes the plans we follow; God’s plans or my plans, done God’s way or my way? Why don’t we see this as an issue in the way we live our lives as Christ followers or leaders in the collective of Christ followers?… (more…)