Pastoral Ministry

Action or Reaction?

How does a Christ follower live? How does a collective of Christ followers function? Are we to be people who take action or people who react? If you look at this question through a first world cultural lens you would have to say we are rewarded when we are people who take action. As we all know buried deep in the verses of that theological gem, 1 Condominiums, are these words meant to guide us as we seek to please God, “he who hesitates is lost.” 2 Condominiums also gives us insight into our responsibilities as God pleasing people with, “God helps those who help themselves.” (more…)

Scars, Scabs and Open Wounds

With Facebook asking me every time I login “what’s on your mind?” I do believe I am obligated to oblige. It’s time to tell the world about the struggles I have, the lunch I ate, the sins I commit, my mental and physical health issues, and of course the latest person to offend me along with frequent updates as to my location. (more…)

Positive Side Effects

Most of us have been exposed to the “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows” advertising for the latest drug to cure the ailment you didn’t know you had until now. Just as you are ready to call your doctor for an appointment to get a prescription to treat your newly diagnosed (by you) moderate to severe something or other you hear the words, “this drug is not for everyone, consult your doctor before trying it.” (more…)