Church Leadership

What Happened to My Life?

It’s January 1, 2018. I sit in my rocking chair in front of the fireplace, rocking my youngest grandchild. There is no grey in my hair and very little in my beard although the beard and Just For Men® have been introduced. I have been blessed with very few wrinkles but that could change, I am only fifty. Still, there’s something about sitting in a rocking chair, grandchild on your lap in front of the fireplace that makes one feel like reflecting on the past as if to say, “I have lived a long life.” (more…)

A Little Understanding – The Foundation Walls (part 2)

A Little Understanding – The Foundation Holds Us Up        

In my previous post A Little Understanding – The Foundation Walls I used my limited understanding of foundation engineering to explain that its purpose was twofold. The foundation in our walk with Christ and the foundation of the church also has the same two purposes.  (more…)