Church Leadership

On Whose Authority?

Position is most often the precursor of power, promotion the predecessor of prominence. That’s how the world works. It’s a simple plan, move your way up the ladder and you will become more prominent and receive more power. Only those above you can tell you what to do. Only those over you have more prestige. With each rung on the ladder you control the destiny of more people, with each step up you inherit more responsibility. (more…)

Church Worship Fails

I know I am not young and hip, as a matter of fact using the term hip ends any chance of me pretending to be young and hip. As old as I am, I still know that the word fail is often attached to other words to describe the lack of positive outcome produced by an action. In some cases, the “fail” is so over the top that the word “epic” also is included.

If I were to post a video of Epic Church Worship Fails, what would you expect to see? (more…)

You Are Not Sorry Enough!

If someone tells you that you are not sorry enough, I assume your response would be similar to mine. Your face would turn red, your fingernails would dig into your palms as you made a fist and, depending on your level of self-control, the words “how dare you judge how sorry I am” would either blast from your lips or leak around your clenched teeth. No time to think, no time to reflect, no time to discuss, just enough time to defend your assertion that you are sorry with the added qualifier, “take it or leave it.” (more…)

Consumer Christianity and the Church Hopper

It is easy to pick out the church hoppers. They are the ones that are easily offended by things that have little or nothing to do with biblical truth and Christian character. They are the ones that show up at a church and everyone already knows them from the last time they were members. They are the ones that contact everyone at the church once they leave searching for people to join them. They are the ones that are at every interdenominational gathering talking to everyone that will listen about the failings of this church or that church. When they enter a church the leadership says, “oh no not them,” and when they leave a church the leadership says, “here we go again.” (more…)

Let God Set the Standard

Godly success is measured in obedience, worldly success is measured in doing whatever it takes to get whoever you want to notice whatever you have done. Better to have God notice your desire to do what He asks, your reward will be in heaven, than to have the world notice what you do and receive a reward of no eternal consequence.