A Little Understanding – Humble Prayer

If you haven’t guessed that I am not a world renowned scientist, a famous architect or a structural engineer, it’s time to clear up any misunderstandings. I am not a world-renowned scientist, a famous architect or a structural engineer nor do I play one on TV… (more…)

A Little Understanding – Above Ground (Part 2)

The main character trait of a Christ follower/collective of Christ followers that is tied into God and His love through prayer, is their focus on hearing God’s voice instead of telling Him what to say or do. The faith they possess is not a way to get God to give them what they want but instead it’s the basis for trusting Him for everything they need… (more…)

Positive Procrastination Promotes Profound Possibilities

Alliteration aside, this post title should catch your attention. How can procrastination be positive? How can it promote profound possibilities? Isn’t procrastination the disease of the weak willed and chronically unmotivated? We all do it but to suggest adopting it as a way of life, isn’t that unchristian? (more…)

A Little Understanding – Above Ground

A Little Understanding – Bearing the Load

Those pesky engineers are always interfering with my plans. I want everything the way I want it. They want me to get their approval, follow their drawings, something about making sure the floors above the ground are tied into the basement which is in turn tied into the footings. It was so much easier to build the house on the sand. None of this tying stuff into other stuff. No time spent running plans by those who think everything is about point loads and transfer of weight. Just build it and move on… (more…)