Program Based Faith or Faith Based Programming?

I wonder what a person attending church for the first time would think the church was all about. I wonder what that same person would say Christianity was about after a few weeks attending the church. I even question what long time church attenders would say belonging to a church and following Jesus was about. No matter how many times we say we are saved by grace through faith and how often we claim we only want to do God’s will, we still find it hard not to buy into the idea that we must be busy doing something. (more…)

Chess, Checkers and X’s and O’s

I write blogs, I preach sermons, I mentor and I coach, all with the desire to make a difference. My advice is thought out, I make sure my sermons are well researched and my blogs, I hope, can be applied to the reader’s ongoing journey. Still, there is a limit that must be overcome. All the schooling I can manage coupled with all my life experiences will fall short. Each day I mature as a Christ follower, each year I grow in my faith, but it’s not enough. The way I live my life is like playing X’s and O’s maybe even checkers while the God I claim to know and understand plays chess. (more…)

Sleight of Hand – While you Were Looking Somewhere Else

It is the basis of all great close up magic; the magician gets you focused on what doesn’t matter so you miss what is really going on. Whether you fall for this ploy (almost everyone does) or you are able to remain focussed on what is really happening (very few can) the result is still the same, the trick ends with the desired outcome of the illusionist. (more…)

Godly Expectancy

You just seem stuck, going nowhere, caught in a low point of your life with no end in sight. You worked out a plan accounting for all the different moving parts. You saw potential, you saw opportunity, you saw a way to address your current dilemma and create an acceptable outcome, but still you are left asking God why He hasn’t shown up, why He hasn’t answered you when you called out to Him. (more…)

Are you Praying Right?

If you made it past the title you are either looking for a solution to unanswered prayer or looking for a fight because the title suggests there is a way to make God answer your prayer. To make you read further I’m not going to address either of these assumptions other than to say God answers prayer, all prayer. (more…)