Transitional Ministry

You Are Full of ______

This was said to me a few weeks ago by a fellow believer. I purposely left the sentence that led up to this sentence and the noun that completed this sentence out. This way, you can guess how he completed his statement, “you are full of ____.” Don’t be afraid to stop and jot down a few possible ideas on what he might have said. Before you do so, let me remind you that I am a pastor, a worship leader and a Christian writer, maybe this will give you a clue as to the missing word. (more…)

Stop Stealing My Glory

I made a promise to tell you about the times God spoke to me in an audible voice, an experience that is both peaceful and somewhat unsettling at the same time. This is the third and final in this series all though that could change someday if God so chooses. Previous posts: Do Not Make Me Tell You Twice and Look Back to Look Forward. (more…)

Chess, Checkers and X’s and O’s

I write blogs, I preach sermons, I mentor and I coach, all with the desire to make a difference. My advice is thought out, I make sure my sermons are well researched and my blogs, I hope, can be applied to the reader’s ongoing journey. Still, there is a limit that must be overcome. All the schooling I can manage coupled with all my life experiences will fall short. Each day I mature as a Christ follower, each year I grow in my faith, but it’s not enough. The way I live my life is like playing X’s and O’s maybe even checkers while the God I claim to know and understand plays chess. (more…)