Blueprint Questions Chapter 5

Blueprint Questions Chapter 5 Pg63-top of Pg69

  1. Have you ever tried to build something and realized you were either in over your head or the instructions were inadequate (explain)?
  1. Do you read your Christ following instruction manual (Bible) frequently enough to be influenced by God’s word? Share your approach to getting the most out of the time you spend seeking out God’s blueprint for your life.
  1. How do you think your life would change if you switched from trying to figure out what God would want you to do to asking God what He wants you to do (prayerful inquiry as you read your Bible and meditate on Him)?
  1. How would your approach to life change if you viewed each moment as something God will weave into fulfilling His plan (remember God uses all things not just all good things to work together for good but that doesn’t excuse us from doing the wrong thing)?
  1. How would your life and church differ if you approached everything through the lens of Proverbs 3:5-6 and made God the footings of all that you/your church does?
  1. Can you see a parallel between King David’s aspirations to build a temple and you/your church’s dreams to create ministries?

How do you think King David felt when God said no?

Do you/your church give God the opportunity to say yes or no to your future plans?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God show me the undertakings I have asked you to bless that you never intended me to carry out.

Holy Spirit, reveal to me where my own knowledge/understanding has become the driving force behind the way I follow you instead of letting you lead.

Jesus, forgive me for assuming my plans are plans.

Blueprint Questions Chapter 5 Pg69-top of Pg83

  1. Have you ever had to go into a creepy basement full of mice, spiders and/or scary shadows and unsettling noises?
  1. Have you lost the excitement/did you ever have excitement about God’s love for you?
  1. When talking about your faith and church, do you talk more about God’s love or about the programs the church provides? What makes one more important than the other when sharing your faith/life journey?
  1. Do you experience the same dilemma in your life as Eve; do I rely totally on God or on myself to set the direction I will take?

How has this dilemma created fear as you live out your faith?

  1. What part(s) of your being need to be more surrendered to God: heart, soul and/or mind?

What gets in the way of total surrender?

  1. From your experience would you say that your church earnestly (seriously with purpose) seeks God?

In what areas does your church need to value God more?

In what areas does your church need to be defined by God more?

In what areas do resources and programs take precedence over God when setting the direction of your church?

  1. Have you considered that fulfilling the command to love your neighbor is only complete when you have shared your faith? What ways can you include your faith in your everyday interaction with your neighbors?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, show me how I can love you even more so that I love you with all I am.

Holy Spirit, guide my words of love so they include the greatest love shown and the truth about the cross.

Jesus, show me where I have limited my love by not sharing the truth about your love for all humans.

Blueprint Questions Chapter 5 Pg80-Pg90

  1. Have you ever been forced into a basement or reinforced area of a building because of a storm?
  1. When you love outward (the community) and love inward (church family) do your actions include both tangible acts and references to your faith? How can you ensure that your actions are seen as an extension of your faith?
  1. What is the difference between the way we react to our neighbors who follow Christ and those who don’t?

What is similar between the way we react to our neighbors who follow Christ and those who don’t?

  1. How can love become an excuse for not being truthful about sin?

How can truth become an excuse for not being loving when dealing with sin?

  1. From your experience, does the North American church place a higher value on loving outward (non-Christians) than loving inward (fellow church goers)? If yes, how can this cause those who respond to the loving outwards acts of Christ followers/the church feel that Christians are hypocritical or fake once they are exposed for any length of time to the collective of Christ followers?
  1. Is your collective of Christ followers a safe place to weather the storms of life? What are you/your church community doing to make it a safe place to weather life’s storms? What should your church/you be doing to make your church community an even safer place to weather life’s storms?
  1. Have you ever asked God what loving your neighbor (what action you should take to bring glory to His name) looks like in specific situations? If yes, expand. If no, how would seeking God’s direction better instruct you as you love your neighbor?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, show me where I can love my neighbor in ways that further Your Kingdom.

Holy Spirit, reveal where how I love is based on whether someone does or does not follow Christ.

Jesus, help me see your love in my life so I can love like you love.