Blueprint Questions Chapter 6

Blueprint Questions Chapter 6 Pg91-top of Pg100

  1. Are you or is someone you know a weekend warrior or a holiday handyman (woman)? If so, have they ever completed a project and prayed that the excessive amount of nails, glue etc. would make up for any possible problems caused by ignorance when it comes to structure, stability and strength?
  1. What shortcuts have you taken in your spiritual life to make being a Christian less time consuming and involved?
  1. In your life, what makes you pray more? What makes you pray less?
  1. Have you ever tried to bargain with God? What did you offer and what did you want in this trade? Did it work? Would it have worked without your part in the bargain?
  1. How does faith affect your prayer life? How does your prayer life affect your faith?
  1. How has/does prayer lighten your burdens as you face the trials and triumphs of every day?
  1. Have you been caught in the charge/recharge cycle of Christianity where the highs of Christian events and church keep you going until you recharge the next time?

What should we do to avoid this up and down way of living?

 Where does prayer fit into the process of avoiding the high and low cycle of charge/recharge?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, show me how to connect with you at all times, to pray without ceasing.

Holy Spirit, humble me.

Jesus, I want to seek your face rather than the things of this world. Show me what is not of you so I can replace it with what you have for me.

Blueprint Questions Chapter 6 Pg100-top of Pg104

  1. Do you have a special place or time of day that you like to pray? What makes it special?
  1. Are there topics that you would never consider praying about? Why?
  1. What prayer topics do you feel should become part of the way you start and/or end every day?
  1. What prayer topics should become part of every/most church gatherings?
  1. Is your relationship with God at a point where you want to go to Him about everything? What are some ways you can make this happen?
  1. Has there been a time(s) in your life where you have been humbled by circumstances leading you to cry out to God? (expand) Have you considered crying out in joy or sorrow after the circumstance(s) were resolved?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, is there something in my life I should be doing? Is there something in my life I need to stop doing?

Holy Spirit, reveal the roadblocks in my life that hinder humble prayer.

Jesus, teach me to seek you in all things. Forgive me for making prayer a last resort.

Blueprint Questions Chapter 6 Pg104 – Pg114

  1. Have you ever had a decision that no matter how much logic you applied, there was no clear right or wrong way to proceed? (expand)
  1. Have you divided your decision making into God things and me things? What type of categories/things are in the God things? What type of categories/things are in the me things? Why do you think you divide decisions up this way?
  1. What circumstances in life cause you to act without a final answer from God?
  1. How can you apply Philippians 4:6 to your life?
  1.  How can the assurance of eternal life lessen our reliance on God in everyday life?
  1. How does Satan trick us into relying less on God in everyday life?
  1. How can the concept of democracy blur our view of how God our King works and our need to fully follow His plan?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, help me seek your plan done your way in your timing with your chosen resources.

Holy Spirit, reveal where my ways have been mixed up with God’s ways.

Jesus, forgive me for cheapening your work at the cross by following my own plan rather than seeking God’s plan for my life.