Blueprint Questions Chapter 7

Blueprint Questions Chapter 7 Pg115 – top of Pg128

  1. Are there features or items that you once thought were luxuries but now feel you can’t live without? (expand)
  1. Do you have a feeling that you need more? What areas seem incomplete in your life? How can you allow God to fulfill your need for more?
  1. In what ways/areas has God been challenging you to go beyond the simplistic system of faith that you first embraced when you started following Christ?
  1. Have you surrounded yourself with people who challenge you to go beyond the entryway of salvation? How do they challenge you? How can you challenge other Christ followers?
  1. Be honest with yourself; are you closer to exploring more of God or to slipping back out of the entryway of salvation into the ways of the world?
  1. Is there someone in your life that is stuck in the entryway of salvation or possibly slipping out of the entryway of salvation into the world? What can you do to encourage them and other Christ followers in your life to explore more of God instead of seeking more of what the world offers?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, am I seeking more of you or have I become complacent?

Holy Spirit, guide me so that I constantly seek more of God and reveal to me the things that stop me from growing in my faith.

Jesus, help me to live my life as your servant, exploring all of my salvation not just being saved.

Blueprint Questions Chapter 7 Pg128 – top of Pg137

  1. What was your childhood dream job that you believed with hard work and talent would become your career? What ended up happening to your dream?
  1. Do you confuse the world’s formulas for success as Christian values (e.g. if you use your talents and work hard you will succeed/live out God’s plan)?
  1. How can using “maturing” rather than “mature” Christ follower change the way we live?
  1. If you are reading this book you most likely have accepted God’s plan for your salvation, have you gone beyond Jesus being your salvation and made Him Lord? What changes in your life when you make Jesus Lord?
  1. Read Luke 9:57-62. What part of committing to more of God scares you the most?
  1. What are some of negative side effects of modern church movements? What are some pluses of modern church movements?
  1. Has your church/have you fallen into the trap of dividing people into seekers and Christ followers? How can this limit the quest for more of God? How can you/your church encourage Christ followers to live a life of seeking more of God?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, where can I be an agent of change at my church so that we are a body of believers always seeking more of you?

Holy Spirit, help me see more and more of God so I will be continually amazed and continually seeking more.

Jesus, teach me what it means to make you Lord of my life.

Blueprint Questions Chapter 7 Pg137 – Pg146

  1. Have you ever completed a questionnaire designed to help you figure out the career(s) best suited for you? What suggested career path surprised you?
  1. Have you been producing all the Fruit of the Spirit? What Fruit of the Spirit in your life needs to improve in quality, size, color and sweetness?
  1. Have you discovered the supernatural gift(s) you have been given to empower you far beyond your natural talents and abilities as you serve the collective of Christ followers?
  1. What spiritual gift(s) have you been given that have empowered you to carry out God’s plan during your Christ following journey?
  1. Have you noticed one spiritual gift that was more needed in the past? Have you recently discovered a new spiritual gift? Has a spiritual gift become more prominent now? (expand)
  1. Have you taken a Spiritual Gifts Test? If you did a test for work or school, would your areas of “giftedness” be the same? What does that suggest about the current application of the biblical instructions on the Gifts of the Spirit?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, help me tell the difference between the talents you have given me and the supernatural gifts of the Spirit.

Holy Spirit, transform me so I can bear the best spiritual fruit.

Jesus, use my spiritual gifts and talents to strengthen your church.