Blueprint Questions Chapter 8

Blueprint Questions Chapter 8 Pg147 – top of Pg154

  1. Have you ever lived in a place with a leaky roof? Have you tried the bucket in the attic approach to keeping the inside dry? Have you ever tried shingling a roof yourself to avoid or stop leaks? (expand)
  1. What are some rules you have been told define the Christ follower that later you discovered are not actually in the Bible?
  1. What rules/limitations put on Christians do you wish the rest of the world knew were not actually in the Bible?
  1. Have you considered that there are some things in the Christ follower’s life that can be sinful in one circumstance and not sinful during other circumstances? What are some things that come to mind when you think of things that are considered sinful or not sinful based on the circumstance?
  1. Have you ever heard the saying “being in the world but not of the world? What does this mean to you? How can you live it out?
  1. Did you realize that Jesus prayed that all believers would have the same relationship as Jesus had with God? How does this influence your view of following Christ?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, I want to have the same relationship as you have with your son, what do I need to do to be one with you?

Holy Spirit, guide me as I seek be holy as God is holy.

Jesus, show me where I have been like the Pharisees, setting up/enforcing rules to make me feel superior to others. Teach me to live like you in perfect humility.

Blueprint Questions Chapter 8 Pg154 – top of Pg162

  1. Have you ever witnessed the power of nature destroying a roof (expand)? What words come to mind when you see destruction of this magnitude?
  1. When you are invested in a good story (movie, TV show, book etc.) have you found yourself cheering when the couple(s) involved get together even though, shown or implied, it almost always means sleeping together without the lifetime commitment of marriage?
  1. How has media slowly redefined what Christians/you believe about lifestyle choices?
  1. What is your Bible/devotional reading plan?
  1. What is your accountability plan?
  1. What is your learning and building relationships with other Christ followers plan?
  1. From 1-10 (1 being the lowest – 10 the highest) how do you rate your self-discipline when it comes to reading your Bible, being accountable, involving yourself in church/fellowship? What can you do to improve?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God, I put on your armor (Ephesians 6:13-17) to protect me from the attacks of Satan that wear down my faith in you.

Holy Spirit, reveal to me the areas of my faith in which the ways of God have been worn away by the ways of this world.

Jesus, forgive me for conforming to the ways of this world.

Blueprint Questions Chapter 8 Pg162 – Pg170

  1. Have you ever come into contact with insulation or other things that cause extreme itchiness? What was it like? What did you do to sooth the itchiness? How long did you suffer?
  1. In what situations does your faith grow best, emotional experiences or factual learning or both? Why do you think you personally grow better in one environment over another?
  1. Are you open to situations that are the opposite of the way you are most comfortable growing your faith? What steps will you take to expand the way you grow to include more emotional experience or more factual learning?
  1. How can you become a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1)?
  1. How can being a living sacrifice balance your spiritual temperature?
  1. What’s the connection between renewing your mind and knowing God’s will?

Pray and reflect – if you are in a small group share as you feel comfortable.

God help me focus on you. Please give me spiritual stability as I experience you in different ways.

Holy Spirit, help me experience deep emotional connection with God.

Jesus, reveal to me the depths of creation and the wonders of God’s power.