Looking Forward to Jesus’ Return – Yes and No

A difficult dilemma

Truth in Palmyra

Acts 1_11

I bet 90 percent of the Christian blog world has just jumped up, looked at their phone or computer, and said: “Hey! What is that numbskull talking about?” Please, allow me to elaborate.

Of course I am looking forward to the return of Jesus. I am not really writing a dissertation on eschatology here, but I believe some day Jesus will come back and reign on the Earth for a 1000 years, followed by a New Heaven and Earth and the Eternal age of Heaven. That’s good stuff, and wonderful to contemplate. But on the Just a Thought post I did yesterday with that same scripture on it, J David Peevermade the following comment:

it’s tough to look forward to our eternity but still see others that don’t have the same hope – how can life be worth living with out real hope?

That was a very sobering comment…

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