Author: J David Peever (Dave)

Son, Husband, father, grandfather, transitional pastor, author and blogger who desires to follow God's plan, done God's way, in God's timing, with God's chosen resources.

Learn Like a Child

I was raised to plan and schedule everything. My sense of adventure may be limited by my childhood of predictability, my ability to deal with change impeded by my scheduled lifestyle, but is this really that bad? If you ask my wife I think she would say that there is an upside and a downside to living life this way. Of course if you ask me I would have to agree with my wife, not because she is my wife but because she is right! (more…)

You Are Full of ______

This was said to me a few weeks ago by a fellow believer. I purposely left the sentence that led up to this sentence and the noun that completed this sentence out. This way, you can guess how he completed his statement, “you are full of ____.” Don’t be afraid to stop and jot down a few possible ideas on what he might have said. Before you do so, let me remind you that I am a pastor, a worship leader and a Christian writer, maybe this will give you a clue as to the missing word. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving

For some readers this blog is a little early, for others it’s a little late, so let’s just split the difference and say the timing is perfect! My American friends and family must find my post about six weeks too early. My fellow Canadians would say this post is one day late. By the time I actually post this blog, my regular readers probably have noticed I am about 10 hours late. (more…)