Author: J David Peever (Dave)

Son, Husband, father, grandfather, transitional pastor, author and blogger who desires to follow God's plan, done God's way, in God's timing, with God's chosen resources. #bgbg2 #Blueprint #Live4Him

Biblical Math

Let me make this very clear, I am not into numerology. I do not think there is a Bible code to be deciphered that when fully understood and applied releases hidden power or reveals dates and times of future events hidden in the scriptures. I do however, believe there is a mathematical equation that, when understood, reveals formulas for the creation of church the way God intended church to be.


What If It Is All Taken Away?

Have you ever imagined life without the things and people that make it special? For some the loss of those closest to them has become a reality while others are coming to grips with the fact that the unavoidable isn’t far away. The remainder are aware that life, even if it is going perfectly at this point, will at some point be interrupted by loss. I must admit as self-absorbed as it seems, lately I have been more focused on the potential loss of the things that make me, me.



It is a well-known quote frequently attributed to Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, or a number of other people who probably never said it, the definition of insanity is, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Has the North American church gone insane?


Hurt People Hurt People

In our quest to comprehend the words and actions that negatively impacted us, many have embraced this simple explanation, hurt people hurt people. Armed with this insight we find it easier to offer grace, easier to forgive because it is easier to work through the offence when there is a reason out of our control and the control of the offender. We accept that we will be repeatedly hurt by hurt people. We see their actions as a result of their life experience not a response to us. We find comfort in the fact that we are Christ-like in our grace and not affected by others who have unintentionally hurt us because they are hurt. If hurt people hurt people, then our forgiveness may not be enough.


Empty People – Empty Churches

I see no need to attend church. I know it sounds crazy coming from a pastor but the truth is I have trouble giving a good reason to show up every Sunday let alone throughout the week. I am referring to the congregation of course, if I don’t show up I won’t have a job.


Christian Bumper Stickers Linked to Higher Automobile Accident Rate

The link may be weak and the research suspect. The information gathered may be anecdotal and the double-blind study more like a both eyes require reading glasses for the small print. Still I believe that I can connect bumper stickers bearing common Christian sayings with a sharp increase in collisions involving the vehicle with said sticker and/or the vehicle driven by an individual who read said sticker.