Godly Expectancy

You just seem stuck, going nowhere, caught in a low point of your life with no end in sight. You worked out a plan accounting for all the different moving parts. You saw potential, you saw opportunity, you saw a way to address your current dilemma and create an acceptable outcome, but still you are left asking God why He hasn’t shown up, why He hasn’t answered you when you called out to Him.

The danger of human expectancy is it is based on preconceived notions.

It is tough to suspend our logical minds. We respond to what we see, hear and experience, formulating our plans, dreams and expected outcomes based on our perception of reality which is confined by the limitations of our human existence. Our prayers become like a business proposal, outlining the need, the opposing forces, the resources available and the strategies that, if properly addressed and utilized by God, will lead to a successful outcome. Then we wait expectantly for God to employ our preconceived notions as the solution to our problems. Then we again pray our business plan in case God didn’t quite understand. Then we wait expectantly for God to employ our preconceived notions … you get my point.

Is this really the right way to live, is this really Godly expectancy?

If you are thinking to yourself that this blog sounds a little familiar you would be right! I am picking up where I left off in my blog post Are You Praying Right? The end of the post says that to pray right:

“My attitude needs to shift from my perception of what is going on in my life to God’s solution in light of all that is going on in the world. There is more at play than what I see and more to be addressed than what I experience. Godly expectancy is me suspending what I prayed for based on what I want so that I can see God answer with what I need based on His perfect plan. Praying isn’t just the words spoken but the expectation that follows because we know that God will address the situation in the most perfect and holy of ways.”

We need to understand that if we don’t live in Godly expectancy we will live in our own expectancy and run the risk of actually missing what God is doing.

It has been a really long eight months.

It has been eight months since I completed my last contract. I left the position with new opportunities in the works and glowing references on my side. That was eight months ago, my health has steadily deteriorated, our finances have taken a big hit, ministry opportunities in my field have been difficult to find and my dream of publishing my book has started to slip away. I started pleading my business plan to God, outlining my needs, the opposing forces, the resources available and the strategies that, if properly addressed and utilized by God, will lead to a successful outcome. If they moved up my surgery I could look for a transitional pastor position again. If I got the position I could start addressing our finances. If our finances improve I can start the process of publishing my book. You got that God? This is the plan that will work, I just need you to step up and get the ball rolling.

Something had to change to make it work out and that something was me.

I don’t want to mislead you, as I write this post not much has changed. I am healthier after my operation but still in need of miraculous healing. I am still seeking employment and still need a way to address our finances. My book makes its way into a blog post once in a while but for the most part it remains in my computer and on the desk of a hybrid publishing company (blend of traditional – they sell the book for you – and self – you pay for the printing, editing etc. – publishing) waiting for the go-ahead.

As I recovered from my surgery I spent a lot of time praying or as I called it before, “pleading my business plan to God.” The first part of my plan, the surgery, was done and I was somewhat better so it was time to go on to the next part of the plan. The truth is I had settled for my way of doing things and it was no more than a Band-Aid solution. Everything hinged on this once a year operation that only improves my health enough that I can work part-time. I am left with other health problems which means work drains my energy and impacts my pain levels so much that my job is all I can do. Then it’s back for surgery again 8 – 10 months later once the pain becomes unbearable. At least we would have more money to pay our bills.

I can dump everything on God from my opinions to my feelings, from my dreams to my disappointments.

Once I am done telling God how I see it, it is time for me to wait and let God reveal how He sees it and how He wants to address it. I need a solution but one that is far beyond my way of doing things. The way God choses to address my issues is what I now wait on after I pray:

  1. God please restore my health.
  2. God please restore our finances.
  3. God please restore my ministry.

I know how I would address them but I don’t want to miss how God is going to address them so I plea for restoration without telling Him what restoration looks like.

Seeking God’s Plan – Done God’s way – In God’s Timing – With God’s Chosen Resources


  1. Wow Brother, thanks for the belated Birthday present! Oh, you didn’t know? August 29 and though this is 21/2 years past my birthday it was posted, I just found it today from one of your other great posts!

    Okay, now to the serious stuff, Brother. I saved the link so that I can reblog this if you don’t mind. I love to find new posts dealing with prayer for my Prayer & Praise category. I add new things myself from time to time, but am always looking for new articles and Brother, this one would fit perfectly if you don’t mind.

    Now, not saying I will reblog it today, but it will be soon. I like to spread some things out a bit. I love the way Brother, you related your personal experience to how you were praying. We NEED practical ways in our lives so that others can see the inspiration and encouragement and that our Heavenly Father is NOT some “stick-in-the-mud” if I can be so bold to say!

    God is a Heavenly Father who IS relatable on each individual level. So thank you for this!
    God Bless you my friend. Ever in my prayers!

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  2. shared this – your words resonated – so much truth in this post – thank you. I’m constantly amazed at how BIG and how AWESOME our Father is and in the process of learning more about the loving ways He answers prayers, especially when we let go and truly trust Him.


  3. Thanks for this post Dave! I needed to hear it and be reminded of God’s concern/control and sovereignty. Your candidness & transparency are refreshing! I thought it was especially applicable to our present crisis with Hurricane Harvey in Texas/Louisiana. We have a plan & a preference, but God has a purpose! In light of all the turmoil & violence taking place across our country,…it has been a stark contrast to see people pulling & praying together.

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    1. I was just thinking the same thing – God seems to be doing more in the US in this tough political situation and through this devastating natural occurrence than He has when things have been relatively stable – thanks for you encouraging words


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