1. In the past people believed in an after life so they sought after a way to not end up in Hell now we don’t have that stepping stone to start with – we are starting at 0 which makes what we have as followers of Christ that much more difficut to explain

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  1. Today, I heard news on the radio about an incident involving misuse of social media and the harm it has done, and my first thought was, “Lord, I sometimes just want to lock my front door and stay away from this world we’re living in.” And the Lord reminded me that He came so that we could have an abundant life…IN HIM…and that we are to continue to share the good news with everyone He brings into our path. Jesus Christ is always our hope and living in His presence is the only way to live an abundant and secure life. I’m very thankful for my Heavenly Father’s instruction when my “worldly” thoughts get too big and my focus shifts away from Him. Thank you for this post!


  2. From my perspective, sometimes I think on the surface it looks like the world is changing us (the church as a whole and lots of individual members). Spend a day on social media and you walk away thing “what the heck is happening?”

    But I am thankful I can only see a small part of the story, and because of that I reckon God, his amazing grace and influence are changing things and hearts all over the place, the kind of change that isn’t so obvious but its there and it will soon explode.

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  3. If this is universal, I would say both. If this is the church, I would say that he is putting his fire in some and some are freezing. If this is me, I pray every day that I’m helping to change the world. In my own small way.


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