Here in the Middle of Nothingness

It has been said that a cluttered desk is an extension of a cluttered mind which has led to some whose desks are buckling under the weight of years of “I’ll get to that tomorrow” to ask about the relationship between an empty desk and the owner’s mind. My desk is not cluttered but it is a little messy. You can draw whatever conclusion you want from this but if my desk is a metaphor for my mind at this very moment, it is time for me to get rid of everything.

I have nothing to say.

No thoughts go through my mind other than what am I going to write? You would assume that the more a person thinks the more thoughts they have, but today the more I think the less I come up with. I can’t remember a time when I have been at a loss for words although there have been times that after I spread my words of brilliance, I wish I had been.

Still, I look at my computer screen and all I see is words about my lack of words and have to wonder to myself if I will ever have anything to say about anything other than how much I wish I had something to say.

It shouldn’t be that difficult when you think about it.

I am a blogger who blogs about life as a Christ follower. I have not stopped being a Christ follower nor have I stopped living so there must be something I can write about. Each day of my life I am seeking God’s plan, done God’s way, in God’s timing, with God’s chosen resources. I have not discovered all of His plan nor do I live every moment of my life based on His timing and His way of doing things so there must be something to write about.

In the opinion of the world, an empty mind is neither desirable nor useful.

Even the laziest of people seek out knowledge on how best to be lazy and still survive. For the more motivated, filling the mind with relevant information and drawing useful conclusions is part of being successful. Beyond the lazy and the more motivated is a category of people who seek to expand their knowledge and develop opinions on every subject possible. They simultaneously impress us and annoy us with their brilliance all while dominating us with their superior intellect.

In my ever increasing pursuit of something to say, an opinion to share, a nugget of information to pass on, I search my thoughts, my knowledge, my conclusions and my opinions looking for something that will impress. Today I come up empty. My desk does not resemble my mind. The surface of my desk contains the things I require to complete my office tasks, a little cluttered with things I need. My mind on the other hand seems much less cluttered, missing the things I need.

Maybe the problem is also the solution.

I look at my screen and I search my mind but there is nothing. I am left to explore this nothingness after all, nothingness is the only thing I have right now. If nothingness is all I have, do I have anything that is useful? This question appears unanswerable. If I have nothing it is impossible to have anything and therefore impossible to offer anything useful.

When it comes to life, including writing a blog, we need to bring something to the table or nothing will get done. Can something come from nothing (no, this isn’t a commentary on creation versus the big bang)?

If I set aside everything I have come to believe, my opinions and conclusions, my experiences and my knowledge and engage with my Heavenly Father, my problem of nothingness becomes the solution of nothingness. What I take away and therefore what I offer is something that is no longer influenced by my imperfection but instead inspired by God’s perfection.

Seeking God’s plan, done God’s way, in God’s timing, with God’s chosen resources makes something out of your nothingness.

 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20 (NIV)

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I just want to point out that you just spent time reading about nothing.


  1. HA! I Bremen a preacher friend of mine who would preach for an hour about “Nothing”. It was his most popular sermon! This post is great. Yes, I did read the whole thing, and it is a wonderful expose of what our minds sometimes go through to come up with blog ideas. That’s the main reason I stick with a somewhat structured Bible study in my blog. I’d be worried some day here would just be nothing.

    Tomorrow – who knows!

    be blessed.

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