A Little Understanding – Above Ground

A Little Understanding – Bearing the Load

Those pesky engineers are always interfering with my plans. I want everything the way I want it. They want me to get their approval, follow their drawings, something about making sure the floors above the ground are tied into the basement which is in turn tied into the footings. It was so much easier to build the house on the sand. None of this tying stuff into other stuff. No time spent running plans by those who think everything is about point loads and transfer of weight. Just build it and move on…

The one thing I know from my years of experience as a husband, keeping my wife happy is important.

Any home renovations that take the house from “old fashion functional” to “open concept chic” almost guarantees undying love, attention and hopefully a few perks beyond that, from an eternally grateful wife.

“Open the kitchen into the dining area on that side and open the other side into the family room, you know, like on TV, the great big room, I’m not sure what they call it but you know what I mean” your wife may say.

“I think they call it the Great Room, Dear” you reply trying not to sound too condescending. You know if you pull this reno off, you’re going to be a hero to your wife, but the wrong tone of voice could ruin everything.

Finally you complete the project. You managed to make your house “open concept chic”. Your wife is impressed and you can hardly wait for the perks. Sadly you are so tired after nearly fourteen months of weekend and holiday renovations that the perks will have to wait. You don’t even make it to your bedroom. The last thing you remember is a kiss on the head and your wife whispering, “thank you, I love my house”. Off to dreamland in your newly renovated great room.

Suddenly you wake up to your wife pulling you out of your chair. “Honey, I know you love me and I know you want to reward me for the great renovation but I’m just too tired” you mumble pulling your arm away from her and dozing off for a moment. Only a moment though, because you are awaken by a cracking sound and then something hits you in the head.

Again your wife pulls you, begging you to get up. You’re just about to repeat what you mumbled before when you hear sirens and see the flashing lights through the windows.

“What did that Henderson boy do this time?” you say staggering to your feet and following your wife to the front door.

Another large cracking sound comes from behind you. You turn just in time to see fourteen months of hard work crashing to the floor. Still not fully awake, you follow your wife out the door as the first fire truck stops in front of your house. It’s then you realize you may have been in over your head on this DYI project which means the undying love and attention, and hopefully a few perks from an eternally grateful wife, are totally out of the question.

A little knowledge and no understanding, is a dangerous thing.

When builders and DIY people use proper structural support, their work will stand the test of time. If they ignore one or more of the requirements or remove them from the building, they create an unstable structure, a collapse waiting to happen…

A Little Understanding – Bearing the Load of Faith

In the past, those who communicated the load bearing principals of faith in Christ, have tied the life of a Christ follower and the mission of the collective of Christ followers into the foundation and footings through prayer. There is no other way. Being tied into the plan that God has for us as individuals and as a church body, requires prayer.

Sadly, “open concept chic” has replaced “old fashion functional” with little attention to proper structure. The way in which the Christ follower and the collective of Christ followers once functioned is no longer used. It isn’t that a new look was uncalled for or a different way of doing things was not needed, it’s that you can’t build or renovate without making sure the load will be supported.

There is no need to have a strong foundation or footings if you are not going to tie into them and use them to support the rest of the structure. Whether it’s pleasing your wife even though you have no idea how to create an open concept room or trying to make it easy on the Christ follower, the removal of the load bearing part of the structure will end in disaster. You may make them happy for a while but what is being built cannot and will not stay standing.

Let’s face it, life is busy.

Adding one more thing to your schedule could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Asking the collective of Christ followers to commit to one more thing may cause turmoil in the church. Telling someone who is just discovering Jesus that they need to talk to Him every day about everything, even though they can’t see Him, may just be a deal breaker.

That being said, the effectiveness of the Christ follower and the collective of Christ followers is founded on making sure the principles behind bearing the load are always in place.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)


From time to time my blog will include excerpts from my book “Blueprint.” Like any author/blogger, I find it difficult to leave the words I have written in my computer until a publisher can be found. Maybe it’s because someone somewhere needs to read these words now.

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Additional excerpts from my book Blueprint


  1. It’s a good thing Dave that God “grades” on “the curve.”

    Through it all; God’s in charge.

    Dave if you think telling someone to pray to a God they can’t see; as a Catholic Apologetic’ s teacher we have to convince {with God’s help} that Jesus Christ is Really, Truly and Substantially present in Catholic Holy Communion; even with the testimony of Matthew, Luke, Mark, John and Paul; and Jesus Himself testifying to it.

    And good luck with perks; sounds liked you earned them; and BTW, I used TRAFFORD for my 2 books. You may want to check them out?

    Continued Blessings,

    Liked by 1 person

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