1. Someone recently told me that the two of us believed in a different God. I believed in the wrong one and they believed in something close to a ‘Pentecostal’ God. I was appalled. One person likes old music and a familiar structure in worship, and the other likes loud, modern music and seemingly no structure within the worship service, thus we believe in different Gods? I have been discussing this with God on our long walks together, but it hasn’t turned into a blog post – maybe never. We’ve had this issue for a long time. One of my grandfathers refused to go to church for the second half of his life. He was Primitive Baptist, and he’d go to hell if he set foot in any other church.

    Thank you for making me think.

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    1. I deal with so many different denominations and I find even within each denomination there is a vast diversity of traditions – I try to find the good in each experience while making sure there is nothing ungodly – the problem is I often look at what I don’t like as being ungodly, even find a verse to adapt and apply so I can make my point of view sound biblical all while I miss out on things because of my traditions – we all have something to offer and for the most part it is Godly until we make it a prerequisite for being godly then it becomes a tradition that needs to be rethought – thanks you’re your comment, it is good for everyone review their approach to faith to avoid these problems – I wish I did it more often!

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  2. It takes a while to figure out some of the things we have been taught and some of the things we believe are “just because” and not because it reflects our love for our Heavenly Father. That’s okay, I think, because God continues to allow us to grow in grace since we are not perfect but being perfected. Thank you for this truth revealing post.

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    1. it can be difficult because what I do today out of love and obedience can be what I copy tomorrow because it is what I did before so it must be what love and obedience is – God’s grace and mercy is all I can really rely on – although I desire to I need it less and less I find I need it more and more

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  3. True. On the other hand, our traditions sometimes draw us closer to the Lord. In its proper place, a Christian tradition links us across the barriers of age, gender, appearance, language, and so on. J.

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