New Year’s Resolutions – It’s time to Stop This, Start That!

This year I want to change the way I live out my faith. It’s time to stop this and start that!

Stop reading my Bible.

Start following God’s word.

It doesn’t matter how many times I read through the Bible in a year, it only matters how much I am changed by it.

Stop going to church.

Start experiencing God with other Christ followers.

I show up Sunday, sing a few songs, smile at people I don’t know, talk to a few I do know, listen to someone speak, close my eyes when someone prays, stand up, sit down at all the right times and, if there is something I am interested in, show up on a day other than Sunday, I need more than this!

Stop praying that my church will reach the community.

Start praying that we will be the embodiment of Christ to those we meet.

Love is more easily understood through my everyday actions than through programs and presentations.

Stop praying that my church will grow in numbers.

Start praying that my collective of Christ followers will grow in their faith.

I want to be one of the people in a collective of Christ followers whose faith is growing so fast that we can’t help telling others. If I am sharing my faith the numerical growth of my church will take care of itself.

Stop praying that my church will make budget.

Start praying that my church will make a difference.

I want to be obedient at any cost. I want my church to be the same. I want to be a part of making a difference for the kingdom by following God’s call and relying on God’s provision.

Stop praying that my church will be successful.

Start praying for protection against the trappings of success.

It is so easy to be hypnotized by the glitz and glamour of success. Success is a drug that leaves me craving more which leads to compromises so that I can continue to succeed.

Stop praying for better leaders in the church.

Start praying for better followers of Christ.

Truly great Christian leaders are obedient followers of Christ living out their calling rather than powerful people throwing around the weight of their position.

Stop praying for a return to Christian values.

Start praying for a return to following Christ.

I don’t want laws that mirror Christian values to trick me into thinking that my country is a “Christian” country. Countries don’t follow Christ people do and no legislated morality will change this fact

Stop praying.

Start listening.

Often I’ve said all I need to say to God, actually I have probably said more than I need to say. I keep asking but maybe if I stopped praying and started listening I would hear God’s answer.

Because in 2019 my resolution is to…

Stop viewing the world through my eyes.

Start seeing life through the eyes of the one who created it, redeemed it and sustains it.


  1. New perspective. Time for growing up; “instruments” of growth are, however, important to the immature who might not understand the perspective you are presenting. I understand and can grow my eating your words.

    Liked by 1 person

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