Spiritual Gifts Tests

There are a lot of people who do not follow Christ who have the same abilities as those who do follow Christ. If spiritual giftings are for the believer only then there must be more to these gifts than the natural-born talents that all humans possess.


  1. Can spiritual gifts be ordinary talents put to service for Christ and his Bride, the Church? I have been troubled by people who distinguish between abilities given to them by their Creator, God the Father, and gifts given by the Holy Spirit. Is this a Trinitarian problem? It seems to be that the one God has given us all talents and abilities to serve one another–in the world, in the workplace, in the family, and in the Church. The talents and skills we use to honor God and help our fellow believers can be called, I think, spiritual gifts even when we use the same talents and skills to make the world a better place. J.

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    1. The fact that Paul presents the idea of building up the church as the purpose for these gifts and the suggestion that they are given by the Holy Spirit which dwells in the believer only leads me to believe that there is a difference between the supernatural giving of talents and giftings through creation of the individual and the super natural giving of gifts to the believer that build up the bride of Christ. The list of gifts also are not duplicated in everyday life unless you redefine them to match talents which is the design of most spiritual gifts tests.
      I believe that the gifts of the spirit are designed to be far beyond the talents of man so that the super natural power of God is revealed in the accomplishments through man that can only be attributed to something outside of man. That doesn’t negate our God given talents and giftings being used for His glory but rather recognizes that the Holy Spirit gifts are not used for the advancement of the individual nor are they intended to shine a light on the individual.

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