I’m Back

After a two week break to recover from what has become regular, twice a year procedures, I am back. This is the first time I have had the procedures done so close together and only the second time they have worked on all of the cervical facet joints that can be treated using this surgery. They did the left side of my neck first and the right side 9 days later. The last time there was a 3 week break in between. Why is this important to this post? It could just be the introduction of Ketamine into my system twice in 9 days. It could be the pain killers required after the procedure. It could be that I actually have had some sort of intellectual theological breakthrough. I am not really sure.


It could be the drugs talking but I think I am now a Calvinist. I know for some of you it is a, “What took you so long” moment and for others it is a, “how did you end up going to the dark side?” The rest of you may not care. All I can say is, “I had no choice!”

Why are men so attracted to women?

Why do men go all gaga over women? I have always assumed it is in our design but there seems to be no real biblical proof. Turns out I was wrong. During my downtime I discovered that there is a verse that explains the “gaga” response of men to women.

“Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib…” Genesis 2:22 (NIV).

What man doesn’t like things made from ribs? 

Mother is a title not a name.

I always called my mother mommy, mom or mother, those were the names that seemed to be the norm. She taught me that Jesus is my example. She said to live like Jesus, do and say the things Jesus would do and say is the only way to live.

“When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”  “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied… John 2:3-4 (NIV).

WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?) He would address His mother by the name “Woman.” WDDD? (What Did David Do?) The same as Jesus, I started addressing my mother by the name “Woman.” Boy, that soap tastes just as terrible at 52 as it did when I was a kid.

I have discovered when the end of the world will be.

It is important not to be deterred by any unintended consequences when living out the Bible. Considering the not so pleasant outcome of calling my mother “Woman” you would think I would not repeat the same mistake twice. I didn’t – sort of. Still wanting to live out the WWJD? way of life, I decided that my wife is a mother so calling her “Woman” would also be a great expression of my commitment to my faith. My wife has made it clear that if I ever call her “Woman” again it will be the last thing I do. It appears calling any female “Woman” is the end of the world!

My first Sunday back at church after the surgery didn’t go well.

I wanted to be a true gentleman and a great Christian. I wanted to live out the Bible’s command to love one another. I am a big believer that everyone should go out of their way to show others the love that the Bible demands we show. Fellowship and friendship is the foundation of the church as far as I can tell.

Being the outgoing type of person that I am I approached the first new person I saw at church on Sunday. She was a beautiful young lady that not only looked like she would enjoy interacting with a regular attendee but also was a potential future spouse for my youngest son.

Not wanting to appear creepy in any way, I am 52 and she was only about 20, I thought I would make sure my intentions were clear and that there was no misunderstanding as to the Bible relationship I was seeking.

I went up to her and said, “I’m Dave, welcome to our church. I noticed that you were new and I wanted to get to know you. Not to worry I said, I am not some creepy old man, I only want to get to know you in the biblical sense.” It turns out she may not be a good choice for a future spouse for my son, she slaps people for no reason at all.

I told my wife about this weird encounter in more or less the same words I just used to explain it in this post. It turns out there may be more than one possible way to usher in the end of the world.

It’s time for a pain pill.

I have not had a pain pill since yesterday believe it or not. I have managed to write this whole thing without having to take narcotics. Now that proves my neck is recovering well. I do believe that while the pills and sedation may have forced me to slow down and contemplate my belief system, I have not experienced any side effects or had them influence my thought process or behaviour in any way. For this reason and because I still have some pain, I am going to take my medication. Please pray for my wife, my mother and my relationship with the leaders of my church. It seems that they have all had some sort of issues while I was recovering. I am not sure what they are but whatever it was they have all been in a bad mood when they talk to me.


  1. Wow brother; you act the same way I do when I have had to take pain meds (more than once or twice I might add, though not lately) and I may have to try some again to get back in that groove. My wife of 47 years acts a lot like yours does, it seems; I wonder if it is a Christian Woman thing or just isolated to a few particular women who’s husbands are or have been on pain pills?!!

    Still praying for you, Dave as your on the list, so if anything weird happens, you will know you’re marked and probably not just by me!

    Actually because of this “pill” I just read, I’m sure I’m good on the medicine front, at least until tonight with my regular stuff!

    Love you brother, look forward to more and God bless you exceedingly!! Like brother Wally said, too funny, so maybe it WAS the pills! 😉

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  2. You are still in our prayers. At first, I was thinking that I might need some of the medicine that you are on, but in the last paragraph, it seems you were ready for the next pill. Maybe the pain makes for a very delightful post writing.

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