COVID 19 and Revival

A Call To Prayer

People around the world sit in their homes waiting for good news.  They wonder how long this will last.  They wonder what they touched, who breathed on them, what dangers lurk that science has not yet discovered.  In history when countries and continents were ravaged by disease all people had was prayer.  There were no answers. Science was not that advanced. God was all they had.  When prayer was answered people recognize that there was something more than them.  But now we have medical science.  Now all we have to do is sit and wait, hunkered down in our homes until this passes.  Someone will come up with a vaccine.  Someone will discover the treatment.  All we have to do is wait.

Why do we just wait?

Is it because our theology seems to lack any connection to a powerful God.  Is it because we’ve developed doctrines that make us comfortable because we think we better understand God, how He works, it limits the power of prayer and reduces the role the Holy Spirit plays.  I will never claim to fully understand how God works.  We do not have control, we cannot force His hand but at the same time is just waiting, just trusting science, the answer?

We are missing our opportunity.

The opportunity seems simple.  All we have to do is follow Jesus’ teachings to feed the hungry, to love our neighbour, to show compassion, that’s it, isn’t it?  Our watered down doctrines, our powerless theologies are comprised mostly of humanitarian actions while void of any supernatural acts.  We think we demonstrate Christ by just doing what anyone can do.  You don’t have to be a Christian to do good deeds.  You don’t need to believe in any god to feed the hungry or to show love and compassion.  While these are things those who follow Christ and as collectives of Christ followers must do, are they the only opportunity we have to respond to this crisis?

Let me tell you what I am not.

I am not a cessationist.  I am not a Calvinist.  I am not a name it and claim it charismatic.  I am not a follower of Armenian theology.  Actually there are a lot more things I am not, so let me tell you what I am.  I am disgusted that I have let myself miss the opportunity to pray for the supernatural intervention of God in the spread of the virus we face.  I am disgusted in myself for not telling others that the powerful God I follow can put an end to this threat.  Most of all I am disgusted in myself for having the fear that somehow God will not answer my prayer.

We call our countries Christian.

We lament their loss of Christian values.  We continually pray that our countries will turn to God.  We condemn those who do not share our beliefs.  We criticize those who speak against our values.  Why would a country turn to a God whose followers are unwilling to turn to Him in times of crisis?  Why would people believe in a God who sent His Spirit to clothe believers with power, who commanded them to pray in the name of His son to bring about change, who told them that He would never leave them nor forsake them if the believer’s response in no way suggests any of this is true?

History reveals that revival begins with prayer.

I believe that this virus that affects the whole world can be used by God to change the whole world.  I believe God is calling all followers of Christ to leave behind their watered down doctrines and powerless theologies and begin to believe that our God can end this threat.  Sadly, in North America at least, I do not believe that the vast majority of followers of Christ are comfortable with this idea.  It is easier to say that the Holy Spirit no longer works in mighty ways.  It is easier to overlook the power of prayer.  It is easier to say that God has predestined all of this to happen and we are incapable of playing a role.

I am not saying that God is not sovereign.  I am not saying that God does not have a plan, a way to move forward.  My theology and doctrine is conflicted.  I do not understand how God can remain in control and yet the Holy Spirit inspired words of the Bible command us to pray leading to Him taking action.  I don’t need to understand.  It is our desire to fully comprehend God that has led us to these weak theologies and doctrines.  It is time to stop trying to understand God and start obeying Him.

Revival could be on the horizon if we pray for God’s intervention.

If God’s people continue to act only on what we understand, respond only to our feeble attempts to explain God then we will end up with a weak prayer life lacking the belief that it has any effect on God’s actions.  I believe that many around the world will not consider following Christ if they do not see his power displayed.

If God’s people set aside our attempts to understand the creator and drop to our knees humbly asking for Him to move in a mighty way, His name will be praised, His power recognized, His very character revealed, I believe that many around the world will be forced to consider following Christ. 

if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)

We Are His People!

Please share – it isn’t that God will act if enough people pray but rather if enough people pray and tell their friends and family, the world will be introduced to our powerful God – revival will begin


  1. “If My people … will humble themselves…” That’s what we have such a hard time with. It’s hard to humble ourselves, to repent, so we present a watered down gospel. Christians tend to want to point fingers and blame the ungodly, but it says “If MY people …” That means US.

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    1. I remember the first time I preached a sermon with this verse as the focus – It was the first time I knew God had called me to much more than what I was doing and it has been the foundation of my ministry ever since – it wasn’t until early this year that I saw how much bigger humbling yourselves and praying was and how much power humility can offer – only the humble can be truly empowered because they will give the glory to God but even then it is always a temptation to return to my ways done by me for my glory – I end up being “My people…” but I will loose the power and joy of being used for His glory – I have so enjoyed interacting with you – thank you for your comments

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      1. I am actually between churches – do transitional work so I work with a church for 6months to 2 years as it heals and prepares for their new pastor – this Corvid thing caught me just as I was preparing to work with new churches so I have no live stream sermons – If you fill in the contact section I can use drop box to send some unedited audio files of me preaching from the past

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  2. During the cholera epidemics that swept the United States in the 1800s people were unashamed to kneel down in the streets and pray. Sadly, we no longer have such faith. Perhaps though this crisis will turn hearts again to God.

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    1. I am finding the first people who need to turn to God are often Christians who see this as a plan of God as if He does not hear or see our faithful act of humble prayer but rather just does stuff to us – I struggle with how God works but I am convinced that His plan is not to kill and destroy but rather He takes His hand out and lets this happen when we do not rely on Him to heal and bring life – I will still not fully embrace the name it and claim it but maybe we need to name it and claim it in faith so that we invite our powerful God to be God and save us from this virus then let God be God as He enacts His plan

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  3. This is one of your best posts ever. Every sentence has something powerful in it. As I was reading this, I imagined people standing shoulder to shoulder on a hill and praying, just praying, determined not to stop praying or to move off of the mountain until God intervened. (Sort of Moses on a mountain and Old Testament, I know, but that’s what I imagined.) Anyway, a great post with much food for thought.

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  4. My God, and yours by the way, is Omniscient. His very Character is All-Knowing. Our science, no matter how far along we are OR think we are comes from the FATHER of ALL Science. Mankind does NOT realize for whatever reason, that the breakthroughs they have come from a Loving AND Gracious Creator. Whether His is from their perspectives Father to them or just some western civilization mythological figure, the truth is, they know what they know (no matter how much) BECAUSE of Him.

    That is why my faith is in Him in all cases like this. That is why I have learned to trust HIS will no matter what the circumstances look like. That is why I AM a strong proponent of intercessory prayer. First, I get to sit in His presence and whether verbally communicating or just sitting in His presence I get to COMMUNE with Him. Think of it, the CREATOR of all that ever was, all that is and all that ever will be, allows me to sit and commune with Him. In fact, it’s one of His great desires for ALL of us. Second, though He knows the needs, it is an act of worship to go to Him and pray for the needs of my fellow creation, whether they be Brothers and Sisters or just my fellow man. I KNOW He knows the needs; He’s NOT blind to them, but He wants us to recognize by our actions that WE know, He’s the One in control!

    Brother Dave, this is a MUCH needed post and I am THRILLED you chose to post it to the Group. I am going to reblog it to my website for this is a much needed word and I am thankful to the Holy Spirit for inspiring you to put it to words!

    There is a reason why the Lord inspired the Apostle Paul to write to the Thessalonians to “Pray without ceasing!” Prayer is communication, it is communion and in this case it is meant to keep our minds centered and focused on God, our Heavenly Father. It is not some strange mystical power that needs to be learned, but just like infants in the natural learn to talk first to their parents, so God, Our Father desires us to talk (and think) to Him!

    Revival WILL happen, when God’s children are able to push aside these things that happen in life and the things that cause us to dig our own ruts and to think and talk to the Lord outside or in the midst of this life. This natural life might last the majority of us 80 to 90 years and if we don’t commune and talk to our Heavenly Father while given the opportunity now, what do you think our communion and communication will be for ETERNITY?

    God Bless Brother. Abundantly for the truth and the way you presented it! Glory to God in the Highest INDEED!! Amen and AMEN!

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  5. Wow, this was preaching, but needed preaching. As for you being disgusted for not … I think you just did.

    Our church is on shutdown, but we have two services that will continue: Food Bank and Diaper Bank. Both will be drive through (through the parking lot) rather than have the families stand in line in a small room. It may cut down on the counseling and ministering while people wait, but maybe not.

    The “sick” thing that I heard on the news about social distancing was the lament over the lack of the various churches (not Catholic churches) and their Fish Fry Fridays. Not the lack of sharing God’s Word with others, but many of the small churches need the income to keep going – and the media gave them air time to lament, “What are we going to do?” – with appropriate tears.

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    1. God can change this all – I believe a miracle is there waiting for us but many are waiting for science – God is able but does my theology let be believe this? I am grappling so much with this as fear grips me and peace overwhelms me fighting for control of my mind

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