Is This Pandemic God’s Plan?

Sin was never God’s plan therefore the result of sin, sickness and death, was the curse of not following God’s plan – Enter Jesus, God’s plan to deal with sin, to deal with man’s choice not to go with God’s plan in the Garden and remain sinless.

We in our sinfulness choose every plan but God’s plan and yet God being all knowing introduces a new way to present His plan that is just as perfectly designed as the way He did it in the past. He works the current events and the sinfulness of man into the way He is presenting Himself today, has presented Himself in the past and will present Himself in the future. He allows mankind to choose then takes those choices and introduces His plan as a way to choose differently.

Is this pandemic God’s plan or is it Him using this pandemic, something He allows to happen because of the sinfulness of mankind, to introduce His perfect plan of redemption and restored relationship with Him which has been and always will be His plan? In other words He offers us a return to the garden if you will.

I believe we need to be careful. We need to make sure that we assign only good to God and therefore to His plan. The rest, what is not good, is not as much His plan but rather His choice to use in His plan – it may be splitting hairs but how we look at this will determine the character traits that we assign God.

Does God do evil to create good or does God use the evil that exists to reveal good? This is a question biblical scholars who have more smarts in their baby toe than I will have throughout my entire lifetime will struggle to understand. Someday we will fully know but I feel safe in saying God can only do what is good!


  1. Brother Dave,

    I confess that I have been wondering of late about those who have died from this pandemic. Are they Believers or non-Believers? No way to tell, I assume. I keep thinking of the plaques brought down by God on the Egyptians, but the Israelites were spared.

    My prayer of late is that the Lord will miraculously stop this pandemic in such a way that there will be no doubt that He was the cause and receive all the glory.

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    1. I have been praying the same – I think the one thing that I am exploring more and more is the layered effect of God’s view of how things work – He is so far outside of our view that He can stop the virus because we prayed do something else or out of the virus to make His plan work even though He has stopped the virus earlyier because we prayed and yet He already knows when/if we will turn to Him so He isn’t caught off guard – I guess what I am saying is that we can pray that God will end it, believe that He will and still know that He can effect change – our prayers somehow move God but how He can do it all ??????? I guess that’s why I love not having to understand God other than He is Holy and perfect and even that I can’t fully understand – there is such freedom in praying the way you are because you (and I) aren’t worried about how He will make it work we are just asking Him to rescue us and be glorified – freedom of not trying to be a Calvinest or an Arminianist or any other “ist” just a follower of Christ – Blessing my brother


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