They Told Me I need To Write A Blog, I’m Glad I Did!

It was August of this year that I penned a blog of lament called They Told Me I Need To Write A Blog. I felt like giving up. I had no job and, because I am a Transitional Pastor, the odds were not in favor of me getting a job; pastors aren’t leaving churches during the uncertainty of COVID. I was ready to give up. I had started blogging because I needed to get noticed if I was going to find a publisher for my book. That’s what I was told so that’s what I did. Blogging ended up being more than just a way to get noticed. I fell in love with writing my blog but even more, I loved the friendships I formed in the blogging community. The book was why I started blogging and, as tough as it was to accept, maybe blogging, not the publishing of the book was why God inspired me to write it in the first place…

I was numb but resigned to the end of my dream.

I don’t know about you, but there are times that the sadness of the moment blinds me to the joy of the past. My book wasn’t a complete failure. Even though it wasn’t in the publishing format I had always dreamed of, I did create an 8 ½ x 11 book with a plastic ring binding that didn’t look so bad. More importantly, that version was used effectively in my ministry. Once COVID was over I figured I could do the same thing for my next transitional pastor position; I assume there will be a lot of pastors wanting to move on after the stress of leading through a pandemic. Still, having a half realized dream may be better than nothing at all but that is little consolation for what seemed to be the end of five years of thinking maybe next month it will finally happen…

I wasn’t expecting what happened after I posted my lament.

First came the outpouring of support for my blog and writing skills. Then came the suggestions to try self-publishing. Then came the offer to edit my book. Then came the offer to design a cover. Sadness didn’t turn to joy, at least not at first. This was so unexpected that joy could not find a way into my life because disbelief had taken over. I was so shocked that I was afraid to be happy. This couldn’t be true. There is no way that I waited so long, tried so hard, wrote so many blogs and then one dark day of deep sadness I share my doubts and regrets and everything changes. I would let myself believe for a moment then end up wondering if I would suddenly wake up and realize that it was all a dream. As we started the editing process and saw the first proofs for the cover, I found myself still wondering if this was really happening. Even when I took the freshly edited book and uploaded it to Amazon, I still wondered what could go wrong…

God had a different plan.

A finished book wasn’t where it stopped. By the end of September I had completed an interview and agreed to a contract as the transitional pastor at a church about an hour away from our home. This job is perfect for my strengths/giftings and allows me to work around my weaknesses/health issues. Sadly it has, for now, limited my time for blog writing and reading but that will slowly return over time. It has been just over three months since I accepted that life would not play out the way I had hoped. I’m glad it didn’t. First, I got to work with people who weren’t just employees of a publisher. These people wanted success for me. They wanted my book to be what I wanted it to be and it is that and a whole lot more. Second, I ended up at a church that wasn’t even on my radar. A church that I will be able to help but also a church that will help me grow. They too want me to succeed and have bet their future on it. I am where God wants me to be doing what God wants me to do at the perfect time and using the resources that He has given me. I introduce to you my book Blueprint born out of…

God’s Plan – Done God’s Way – In God’s Timing – With God’s Chosen Resources


    1. Thank you – seeing people want your book is one of the most gratifying things but not as gratifying as seeing people’s lives changed and churches direction set because God spoke through me – I don’t know why he chose me but I sure am enjoying it – I would say a dream come true but I never dreamt of writing a book or a blog – God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams 🙂

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  1. Dave, I was so pleased to see this post and to be able to preview your book on Amazon. I am humbled to be a part of what I believe is the book that we need for this time.

    Your style comes through from the very first page. It feels as if you are speaking to me, your reader, one-on-one. I can tell from the preview that you care more about my spiritual life than selling more books. (That is hugely important.)

    You are a kind and gentle shepherd, just like our Great Shepherd. Thank you for your dedication and perseverance. This huge undertaking that will benefit so many.

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  2. My story is much the same – starting a blog because I was told it’s a good thing for an author to do, and it looks good on a bio. But like you, I found so much more – a whole community to be a part of. And not a moment too soon. With all the lockdowns and quarantines, my social life has centered around the sharing of experiences and ideas that can take place without my leaving my kitchen.

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  3. You share lots of good news in this post, and I am very happy for you. I will add your book to my wish list. I’m delighted that you have also found a fitting forum for serving the Lord’s Church. Books are good, but direct contact with the saints is even better. God bless you in all your forms of service. J.

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    1. thank you – I will be doing a sermon series with the church I am transitioning using my book in the new year – I will be posting the links to the YouTube videos on my blog – I am so excited – as you said, “books are good, but direct contact with the saints is even better” – I get to do both – God is sooooo good!

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    1. there have been some new edits and, to keep it under 1000 words, the posts were abridged so I am hoping that you will feel like it is familiar and yet new all at the same time – thank you for purchasing my baby – once this COVID thing is over I hope I will get to visit your country again – if I am anywhere near you, it’s a big country but you never know, I will sign your copy or give you your money back depending on how you feel about it when you are done reading it 

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    1. thank you – hope you enjoy it – I can say with some certainty that you will get sick of it if you read it 20 times in a few weeks like I did when working with the editor – it was like my baby became a rebellious teenager during that time but now that it is published it is like the teen years are over and I have a grown up that was worth all the struggles of those teen years – in case you didn’t guess, I like metaphors 🙂


    1. thank you for pushing me not to give up and putting me in touch with the right person to make it happen – the difference between the original copy and the edited copy is amazing. A fresh set of eyes can, with very little changes, take good and make it awesome

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