I Want to Use The “F” Word All The Time

I have not used it for fear of other people’s response. It has been dominating my thoughts lately but I have kept it to myself.  I know the “F” word is the right word for the times but even as a pastor I struggle using it. What will people think? What will people say? In times of volatility words and concepts no matter how acceptable at one time become taboo. Still, no matter how I might be treated, no matter how many people I offend, I must use the “F” word. In a world that says it needs to change, it needs to seek out justice and equality if we are going to make everything right, the “F” word is the only word that will truly make everything right. Some seek revenge, others compensation, but no amount of getting people back, of settling the score will address the injuries inflicted both physical and emotional like the “F” word will; we need to Forgive!