The Next Chapter

If I were to create a novel or a movie about my life, I would never contemplate a chapter or scene that seemed to go on forever with what appears to be no purpose or relevance to the journey. I don’t mind the unexpected twists and turns but what could only be described as meaningless pain and a whole lot of nothing doesn’t fit any Hollywood blockbuster or literary masterpiece I know of. I guess my life, other than the odd moment here and there, couldn’t be turned into a great novel or a movie. Nothing fits neatly into the template of good entertainment. Nothing lends itself to an outcome that will, as far as I can tell, justify the nothingness of waiting and the pain of life itself like we see on the screen or in a book. If my life was a TV show, movie or novel, I would, at some point fully understanding why things have gone the way they have, why answers seemed hard to come by, why suddenly and seemingly without reason, life changed for the better or worse, but I have come to accept that there will be many things this side of eternity that will remain unexplained.