The Epistle of Jeremiah the Prophet to the Modern Church – The Work of Our Fathers

Our forefathers worked hard to create a country that is now being destroyed. It sounds like a political rallying cry, a complaint against what is and a call to return to what was. What was it? What should it be? What was their intent when they created it? Is that our intent when we want to recreate it?  I believe we would all agree with the words in Jeremiah 3:24 (NIV) “From our youth shameful gods have consumed the fruits of our ancestors’ labor— their flocks and herds, their sons and daughters,” but would we all agree with what this means?

We seem so sure that our forefathers had it right.                         

The Canadian parliament buildings have Psalm 72:8 (ESV) “May he have dominion from sea to sea…” etched on their façade. American currency is printed with “In God We Trust.” In Britain they sing God Save The King. These are just a few examples of Biblical influence ingrained in tradition that has stood the test of time. There have been calls to remove references to God or the Bible from anything that related to the governance, currency, pledges and national anthems. The mere suggestion that Judeo-Christian references be replaced by more inclusive language has cause many to say these changes would not fit the vision of our forefathers who founded the country on these principals. Are we sure that the vision of our forefathers for modern democratic countries is what we truly want?

We seem so sure that we know what our forefathers’ vision was.

Mixed up in the Judeo-Christian values of the past were the not so Judeo-Christian values of personal freedom and individual right to self-determination. If you think this is starting to sound like a communist propaganda blog, let me assure you I have no interest in being a mouthpiece for the atheistic oppression of the all are equal but some are more equal than others philosophy of the Marxists-Leninists. As a matter of fact, I would propose that most modern democracies whether the democracy evolved from a monarchy or the creation of a republic, were created to avoid oppression and to provide religious freedom. Our forefathers sought to avoid a class system and a state religion or the outlawing of religion all together by founding new governance based on biblical principles of freedom in all areas of life. Encapsulated but unspoken in the foundations of our countries was a shared history, a common lens through which all people saw life and the future. This unwritten but widely implemented set of boundaries goes far beyond the black and white freedom/no freedom, self-determination/ governmental control of one’s person.

We did not see the hidden pitfalls of our forefathers’ vision.

While it was not utopia, the idea that we act for the greater good of all equally was at the forefront of our freedom and self-determination.  It was assumed that the countries we were creating would promote a standard of living that benefited all because we were all in this together under the authority of God. This ideology that championed anyone can be what they want to be hid the truth that not all can be what they want to be because not all are allowed an equal opportunity. Our forefathers’ vision for a God fearing country free of the governance that stifled one’s ability to increase their standard of living and to worship as they chose shed much of the greater good philanthropic motivated acts of kindness in favor of personal advancement. Unnoticed and unaddressed, the idea of freedom and self-determination became the religion and materialism became its god. Modern democracy and the modern church slowly merged their ideologies and theologies until freedom and self-determination replaced repentance and charity. A new doctrine preached to all as biblical truth was born.

Our forefathers created countries that have destroyed themselves

“From our youth shameful gods have consumed the fruits of our ancestors’ labor— their flocks and herds, their sons and daughters,” but what else should we expect. The fruits of our ancestor’s labor has become shameful gods of greed and selfishness. It was not their intention but even the purest endeavor of mankind is tainted with the sin that is part of their nature. Israel was the first nation under God. The Roman Empire became the second nation under God when it adopted Christianity as its religion. Many  nations have been ruled by dictators that claimed to be under God. Now we have the New World nations created to be under God. From their youth and from our youth shameful gods have consumed the work of our Heavenly Father. Our ancestors labored to create nations that followed the only true God but from our youth and even from their youth the gods of personal freedom and self-determination have replaced total surrender to God and His plan.


  1. The marriage of ideology and doctrine is indeed worrisome. This has been so permitted through the flirtations of church and politics. Churches and clerics have become partisan to political tradition and thrown themselves into the fray during election seasons instead of campaigning for the values espoused by the founding fathers as you infer. A vote should be an endorsement of godly values rather than political tradition or ideology. God actually must be our motivation for voting, and our loyalty to him must be unwavering. The pulpits need to do more in terms of political education – religion and politics interaction and how appropriately believers should respond. To be partners in development and allies of social good of humanity is certainly a converging point for religion and politics but not being bedfellows.

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  2. No matter what laws are passed, the human heart is flawed, and it’s up to each individual to live out his/her values.
    We knew a man who had come to America from a communist country and was overwhelmed by the concept that the more he worked, the more money her could make (and keep). He worked night and day, weekdays and weekends. He was brilliant on one level, but a fool on another. He rarely saw his family and his choices largely robbed him of the joy of seeing his children grow up.

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  3. surrender to Christ is the only path to salvation that’s why so few choose the narrow gate/path- dying to self daily is the call, but it’s a costly one that I daily struggle to make–thinking of others instead of self–seeing others as Christ sees them not as how the world would have us–thanks for this reminder and insight into why things are what they are. I think this explains why churches have become businesses and institutions instead of small groups of believers seeking to impact communities

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