A Little Understanding – The Proper Protective Covering

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world…” Romans 12:2 (NIV)

Rain and wind lack any will of their own. They have no agenda or goals, and yet their destruction seems almost orchestrated. Water from a light shower runs slowly down the roof, wearing away the surface until it breaks through. Breezes gently blow, applying slight pressure then releasing, weakening the bond that holds the shingle in position. At some point, as if there was a meeting to plan an attack, the skies get dark, the winds pick up, and rain begins to fall. Weak points and worn-through sections are the first to fall to this offensive, but that isn’t the end. The wind opens a point of entry followed by the rain, and before you know it, they have compromised the protective layer and begun destroying everything it once guarded.


I Am Barabbas

I do not use the name Barabbas. I have never used the name Barabbas. All of my identifying documents have no reference to this name. Any correspondence whether by old school snail mail, current standard messenger apps or business appropriate email ever suggested that I am Barabbas but I must insist, I am Barabbas. Before you contact anyone on my behalf, before you seek mental health assistance under the assumption that I am experiencing some type of mental health issue, let me remind you that you too are Barabbas.


Maybe We Have It All Wrong Part 2

I took a chance last week and suggested that we may have got it wrong when it comes to our approach to telling others about Christ. So far no death threats, no mass unfollowing of my blog and more importantly no one came up with a Biblically strong argument that suggested that I got it all wrong. This week I thought I would take an even bigger chance and address something I think we have got wrong. What I am about to suggest goes against what has been considered conventional wisdom for quite some time. Even more dangerous, what I am about to say can be easily twisted to make it look like I support sinful acts rather than have problems with the way we have tried to address them. As I look at the state of North American Christianity I have to wonder if we have gotten it all wrong.


Which Translation Of The Bible Is The Right One?

If there ever was a title that will make Christians read a post, this is it! Heart rates are going up, blood pressure is increasing as readers get ready to, for the first time ever, find out if their translation is the only translation that Jesus would read, that God would promote and that the Holy Spirit has truly inspired. I know some of you are tempted to skim the post so that you can save time and find the answer. Don’t do it! I put a lot of work into writing this post and I would appreciate you reading all the words. I really have no other reason to ask you to avoid skimming the post other than I hate the fact that I can work hard to create the right combinations of words only to find out no one actually reads them all!