Hurt People Hurt People

In our quest to comprehend the words and actions that negatively impacted us, many have embraced this simple explanation, hurt people hurt people. Armed with this insight we find it easier to offer grace, easier to forgive because it is easier to work through the offence when there is a reason out of our control and the control of the offender. We accept that we will be repeatedly hurt by hurt people. We see their actions as a result of their life experience not a response to us. We find comfort in the fact that we are Christ-like in our grace and not affected by others who have unintentionally hurt us because they are hurt. If hurt people hurt people, then our forgiveness may not be enough.


It Seemed Like Nothing

He walked along the trail on a bright summer’s day. He noticed the little pebble wedged between the bottom of his foot and his sandal. It’s no big deal, just an annoyance. He kept walking, changing his gait every-so-often as he shook his foot in an attempt to dislodge the pebble. He never thought of stopping to take off his sandal and get rid of the irritant; that would interrupt his walk, and besides it seemed like nothing. It was quite the sight if you watched from a distance. A full grown man who can easily remove, clean out and put back on his sandal is now taking a few steps then shaking his foot, stumbling a bit, then doing his best to return to a normal gait. Even his normal gait between his stumbling, foot shaking routine had begun to include a slight limp. Still he soldiered on repeating his ritual of limp, shake foot, stumble, limp, shake foot, stumble…