I Need More Than Nothing – A Modern Lament

Lights flashing, noises blaring, everything trying to get my attention. For what? Why should I listen? Why should I watch? Why should I give one person or product more attention than another? What do you have to offer me that has true value? Behind the lights and sounds is there anything of substance? Is there anything that can stand on its own without all the fanfare? Without all the flashing lights and blaring noises, what do they have? Maybe that is all there is to life now. Hype, showmanship, polish and presentation all void of any depth. When you go beyond what catches the eye, what appeals to the ear and what engages the senses often there is nothing.


A Little Understanding – Love Outwards and Inwards

How different would the parable of the Good Samaritan be today? If Jesus was asked in your country, “Who is my neighbor?” by someone claiming to follow Christian values, would the story be the same? I will take a chance and make changes to this well-known parable. I do not claim to know for a fact how Jesus would answer if He were physically walking the streets of your city or town and was asked this question. All I can say is my observations would lead me to believe that the following parable would not be out of line in Western culture and much of the developing world.



What does love mean? I am lost in a sea of ideas most of which end up suggesting that I benefit from love. I cannot argue against this idea. Whether I apply a worldly/cultural definition or a biblical one, love always benefits me. That being said, true love in its purest biblical form doesn’t set out to benefit the one who practices it. When one sets out to love like God loves, one must accept that the benefit comes from obedience to the calling of God to love one another. When we love like God does if we expect it to benefit us by making us feel good, we will soon become jaded and withdraw from this practice. Loving like God loves more often than not, hurts…