Gone Fishing

Well not literally. I don’t like the cold. It’s winter in Canada so “gone fishing” takes on a whole new meaning. The thought of walking away from the safety of solid ground to drill a hole in the ice weakening it just to catch something I don’t even like eating does not appeal to me, even if, as a metaphor, it still holds water, frozen or not!

I need a break! I need time to heal.

I have tried my best to continue to write new content for the past 4 months as my health has declined but I have to go fishing for a while to recover. My health is finally improving but the toll it has taken on me will require some time to truly heal. From my attempt to remove squirrels from my attic (see There Are No Words) to further injury (see Do You Know What Hurts The Most?) to a late night trip to the ER after months of sleep depravity and unbearable pain, I have been left physically drained and emotionally depleted.

I have decided to go fishing.

It won’t be a long trip. I just need time to sort out a few things, especially my new, unhealthy, exaggerated fear of pain and injury, as well as what I can only describe as a sense of impending doom. I know they are mental health issues caused by a prolonged period of very little sleep and intense pain. Four months is a long time to live in this state. I know God is leading me through this just as He has led me through the last four months. In fairness to God, I now and only now can see that He was with me the past four months. There were times, many times… let’s just say I didn’t curse God and die but I wanted to.

This will most likely only be a one or two week fishing trip. I have seen great improvement in my health over the past few days. If for some reason you miss me, ignore the date posted on any of my previous posts and pretend you are reading them for the first time!


    1. thank you – I never thought I would have to take this break but it is time – I never knew how much I loved reading other blogs until I had to cut back – I feel like I have lost touch with so many great friends over the past months – even when I did get a chance to read the pain was so bad that I would forget what I read 5 min after I finished – Lord willing I will be back soon

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