Author: J David Peever (Dave)

Son, Husband, father, grandfather, transitional pastor, author and blogger who desires to follow God's plan, done God's way, in God's timing, with God's chosen resources. #bgbg2 #Blueprint #Live4Him

There Is No Us and Them

Love is not an evangelism tool but rather an extension of who we are as followers of Christ.

There is no us and them, no the ones we show love so they will follow Christ and the ones who follow Christ.

Each Christ follower and collective of Christ followers must make sure they haven’t become so outwardly focused that they have forgotten to love inwardly.

Love Christ followers, love Christ deniers, they are both your neighbour!

A Little Understanding – The Floor Plan (part 6)

A Little Understanding – More of What Every Floor Plan Needs

I cannot remember what the commercial was actually advertising, not great for the company that commissioned it, but I remember the plot.  Parents measuring their college age child’s bedroom, getting ready to turn it into some sort of spa or game room or something. I can’t remember if they had pretended to be upset as they sent their child off to the next phase of life or (more…)