Crazy Things You Think About Due To Anesthetic.

Today I will be undergoing the second of two procedures on my neck. These surgeries have become so routine that I can’t remember if I have had 10, 14 or maybe more of them. With two every six months it feels more like a date night (during the day) that involved too much alcohol (I am guessing as my new life in Christ means I haven’t got drunk in a very, very long time). I drive with my wife to the location. We enter the building and sit down to wait for my name to be called, kind of like you do when you have dinner reservations. After about two hours I stagger out with some help from the staff. I lean on my wife and she helps me into the car. She drives me home as I slip in and out of consciousness stopping only for red lights and coffee. With her help, I stagger into the house and lie down. Doesn’t that sound like a date that involved too much to drink?