Transitional Pastor

It’s Time to Take an Acts to the Church

It’s time to cut down the Asherah poles of North American Christianity that have become the focus of worship. It’s time to destroy the heathen culture that has become foundational to our churches. It’s time to rid ourselves of the idols and graven images, the gods we have set up in place of the true God. It’s time to take an Acts to our churches.


Evolution And The Church

For those who have already fired up your search engines or copied a link from your favorite creation website; hold your horses. As much as I would like to debate 6 day creation (not really), evolutionary traits in nature (not my thing), and Darwin vs the Bible (not smart enough), this is a post about church change over the years not biological change over millions of years. If you are still all worked up over evolution in the church, would it help if I made it clear I am against evolution in church?