Don’t Let The Meat Touch The Vegetables

We all know someone like this. Maybe it’s you that is like this. The peas are in a neat pile. The corn is in its own pile. The mashed potatoes and meat have their place too. Each different item is the appropriate distance from all the other items on the plate to ensure that any jarring of the table does not cause them to touch. Heaven forbid that they come into contact with each other. No one can explain why this is so important but that doesn’t matter. This rule must be observed or the meal will be ruined. Don’t tell people like this that all these things touch each other once they are in the stomach; they may never eat again.


I’m Back

After a two week break to recover from what has become regular, twice a year procedures, I am back. This is the first time I have had the procedures done so close together and only the second time they have worked on all of the cervical facet joints that can be treated using this surgery. They did the left side of my neck first and the right side 9 days later. The last time there was a 3 week break in between. Why is this important to this post? It could just be the introduction of Ketamine into my system twice in 9 days. It could be the pain killers required after the procedure. It could be that I actually have had some sort of intellectual theological breakthrough. I am not really sure.


Christian Bumper Stickers Linked to Higher Automobile Accident Rate

The link may be weak and the research suspect. The information gathered may be anecdotal and the double-blind study more like a both eyes require reading glasses for the small print. Still I believe that I can connect bumper stickers bearing common Christian sayings with a sharp increase in collisions involving the vehicle with said sticker and/or the vehicle driven by an individual who read said sticker.                                                           (more…)