I’m Pretty Sure My Hair is Calvinist!

It has been a busy week. I only had enough time to repost something I found from years ago. Not much time to reflect, not much time to even take a breath. The lack of oxygen and rest at that time and now, could be the reason that the only moment I had to sit and think led me to come to the conclusion that my hair has its own doctrine.


Solving a Mystery

The basis of any good detective story is seeking to understand why. Digging deep into the past, sorting through the intricacies of the present and hypothesizing how the perpetrator hopes to influence the future are the foundations of any good Who Done It? Without these, all we have is a beginning and an end that lack depth and ultimately leave us unfulfilled. To know what happened and who did it is nothing without the why. But what if you were never told the why? What if you knew what happened, knew the history before it happened, knew who did it but never found out anything more than it was the right of that character to do it that way? So unsatisfying. So unfulfilling. So irritating.